Friday, January 30, 2009

A Mountain of Quilts...

It must be getting close to spring, Quilt shows are popping up all around us.
A major show is about to commence in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It will be big and filled with wonderful quilts from all over the United States and then some. How magical to be in one spot filled to overflowing with inspiration and beauty. The town of Pigeon Forge is nestled in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee (and the home of Dollywood).
I cannot think of a more charming place to be inspired by nature and the art of quilting.
Here are the details...
The Mountain Quiltfest show draws more then 20,000 quilting enthusiasts each year from around the United States.
Learn from the world's top quilters teaching more than 85 instructional sessions and master classes for quilters of all levels. Enter your quilt to compete in this multi-category quilt show. The show is open to everyone whether you are a beginning quilter or a seasoned quilt master.
Quilt Classes
No matter what your quilt making level is, there is something for everyone. They offer more then 85 quilting classes to choose from. To see a list of all of the classes that are available, just go to Quilt Class Descriptions or click on Class Descriptions from the menu above. To check out the class schedules just go to Quilt Class Schedules or click on Class Schedule from the menu above.
Registration for Quilting Classes Online Registration is available.
Enter your Quilt into the Mountain Quiltfest Show
If you would like to show your quilt at Mountain Quiltfest, now is the time however there is a limit of 3 quilts per person that may be entered. The Deadline for entry is normally around February 21.

Are you excited? Do you have a quilt to share? Do you want to start the quilt you have been dreaming of? Now is the time. Mary Jo's Cloth has amazing colors, patterns and textures with new bolts arriving daily. Log on or stop by for all of your fabric needs and get a quilt into the Mountain Quiltfest, you could win! How much fun would you have spending a weekend with fellow quilters? Forward this email to your friends they may want to join you. By the way if you do decide to enter a quilt (or 3) into the Mountain Quiltfest make sure you send the photos onto us here at Mary Jo's it would be fun to feature your possibly prize winning beauty on the blog.
Have fun and happy quilting.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Limited Edition is a Great Value...

I was noodling around on this week, as I often do. I was particularly interested in the page called "Special Editions". I clicked onto this page and was treated to some of the best buys on fabric that Mary Jo's Cloth has to offer. She has chosen some stellar patterns and colors at prices that are unbelievable. Imagine... special Waverly Fabrics selling for only 3.50 a yard. Amazing. I was impressed with not only the selection but with the sheer volume of fabrics available at such low prices.
Quilters are you looking for some fun choices for a stack and whack project? This will make your project not only affordable but you may find some choices you have not seen at other fabric stores.
Do you make your own clothes or costumes? Special Edition has some super buys for you. Paisley's, Prints, Solids and even sequins on Chiffon. All of these choices start at $3.50 a yard however a few are $10.00. Originally these fabrics were much, much more.
Home Designers? I saw several top picks for Drapery, Curtains and those wonderful Pillows and Tablecloths we love so much.
Really if you love fabric and are a "Bargain" shopper, check out and click on the "Special Edition" icon which is located at the top left corner of our online store.
You must hurry these items are limited and change often, today there are 162 different fabrics to choose from and we are adding new choices almost every day.

A special note to all of you who have shared your projects, Thank-you. Remember we are always accepting new work for the community page and this blog. Thanks again, I do love hearing your stories and seeing your work you are one talented bunch of folks. Send in your beauties today.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Cold? Snuggle IN...

Holy smokes it is cold out there. It was a balmy 16 degrees in Uptown Charlotte this morning, Brrrr.... we might as well be living up in Maine on the Tundra! When it gets this cold I like to make soup, think of warmer days and dream up new projects. I know many of you are the same way. This cold weather got me to thinking about all of the amazing fabric Mary Jo has in the store and online to create new cozy, colorful and even sophisticated Bedspreads, Throws and Quilted Blankets. Right now the selection is plentiful and the colors and patterns are just yummy.
An ultra cold day like today makes me pine for Daffodils, Bunnies, Pansies and the sounds of little Birdies in the trees. Yes, Spring! It is not too far off, thank heavens.

So let's get back to fabric for "Bedding". I was looking at a nice collection of pre-quilted solids that could work nicely as backing for a richly colored Tapestry or Paisley pattern.
Some of the fabrics are not just printed on cloth but are different colored threads woven together to form the textures and patterns. Projects made from this fabric can quickly become a family heirloom. I love the Paisley selection at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. She stocks colors ranging from Deep Bright Blues to Oranges as well as quiet Taupes, Grays, and Icy Blues. Did you know that Paisley's have been popular since the 1600's and are ever bit as modern and popular today. Funny thing about good classic design, it never goes out of style! The patterns used in Paisley fabric are inspired by nature, the swirl patterns of leaves and flowers primarily. When you get tired of the pattern or color you could pass it on to a friend or family member or just stick it in the linen closet for a while and pull it out in a few years. Paisley is not only sophisticated and lovely, it is a piece of history!
So be thinking about your next winter project, Mary Jo's has everything you need to keep you sewing, creating and having a good time.
By the way.... I NEED you to send me your projects. We have thousands of people online and in our store every week, we know you are out there, don't be shy, share your beautiful projects with the larger sewing community at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. Send us an email, tell us about your projects and sewing tips. We are eager to post it on the Community Page and feature your project here on our blog, it is time to share your talents.
Life is short, be adventurous, show us your stuff!

Friday, January 9, 2009

50 Bolts & Counting...

Another fab week at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. We have been packed with folks who have many ambitious projects for the new year. We also have new cloth coming in everyday, fun, fun, fun. This week we received a note from a longtime customer, a quilter who lives far away but is addicted to Mary Jo's Cloth. Who can blame her? Walking around our store which is filled with possibilities can be some heady stuff and usually irresistible!

The Story...
A “few” years ago friends told us about Mary Jo’s and gave us advice on how to shop there. They told us to go in, look around, leave and have lunch and then come back and buy fabric! I was frantically searching for yellows and greens for a charm quilt and at least one other quilt in the “Colors of My Life” series.
Finding a great variety in those colors was not easy in other stores at that time.
I was so excited when I saw your wonderful selection of yellows and yellow greens I forgot I wasn’t supposed to start buying yet!
After I piled about 50 bolts on the counter I kept someone busy cutting quarter yards of each.
I paid for my fabrics and the lovely check out lady said “Y’all come back now!”
We had lunch and came back. This time I found a few more yellows and greens and also bought yardage of many fabrics I fell in love with. Checked out again and was told this time again “Y’all come back now.”
We put our purchases in the car and decided we had better come back now as we lived over a thousand miles away. Came back and found more things we couldn’t live without.
Shopping at Mary Jo’s was a truly memorable experience..
The happy ending to this story is I have finished 20 quilts in the "Colors of My Life" series.
They will be part of my solo show at the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha, WI opening January 25th, 2009.
If you would like to check out her work log onto her blog or visit the Art Center online.
Good luck with your show Kay and keep creating your beautiful quilts you make the world a richer place.
Do you have a story or project to share. Send to us today, you could be featured on our community page or on the weekly Blog Article!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sew What, 2009 is a New Year..

Sew What? Yes it is now 2009, where does the time go? This is the year to take advantage of Mary Jo's Cloth Store great selection online and at the store. I was in the store browsing for fabric last week. Wow, the place was packed and I found this a remarkable thing considering the economy and the tough times that have fallen on our country.
Browsing around got me to thinking about the "Mary Jo's Cloth family". We have a unique understanding of our customers because we take the time to listen to your stories and look at your projects. It was fun to hear Mother's talking to Daughters and Granddaughters about Easter Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Curtains and even trim for a Pillow. I had a great conversation with a gal in the "Fat Quarter Section". She has been shopping at Mary Jo's Cloth Store for years. She is a regular blog reader and enjoyed the tips and projects featured in this column every week. The energy in the store is tremendous and heady. It was so busy that Mary Jo was cutting fabric and talking to customers. Yes it takes a village.
The Community Page is coming along, however we need your help. We have created this area of the website to help fellow sewers be inspired and get new ideas and even tell us about their businesses that involve Mary Jo's Cloth. Do you sew, are you a seamstress, designer, quilter or a DIY diva who would like to create magical projects without spending much money? We want to hear from you, we need to hear from you, send us your beautiful projects with a descriptive paragraph so we can either post it on the Community page and/or feature it on this blog. We thank everyone who has sent us an email with photos, it is always so much fun to get to "Know" our customers.
Happy New Year and may 2009 be filled with life's tender mercies, creativity and happiness.