Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunflowers and Garden Prints, Step Inside...

When the Sunflowers bloom, high summer has arrived. Their beautiful heads of developing seeds follow the sun across the sky during this special time of year. Later they are decorated with birdies, who are busy extracting the seeds and singing to their hearts content. The colors are a predictable but stunning and happy clear yellow. This family of composites also have a range of creamy yellows to deep rusty oranges. Mmmm lovely.
At Mary Jo's Cloth we have an outstanding collection of Sunflower Prints. Creating Pillows, Quilts, Curtains, Duvets, Tablecloths or Napkins is not difficult to imagine. I have seen many "Sunflower" related home-goods in the catalogues that seem to show up in my mailbox. Sunflowers are popular this season, possibly because they are a joyful color and a flower that make folks smile. I have been tempted (well not really) to purchase everything from painted pillows to hammock throws. It is easy enough to purchase some fabric and whip up a few of these items. You can be inspired by some of the finest retailers in the nation!

Bringing the garden indoors is not hard, it is a way of thinking. Ask yourself these three simple questions... What are your favorite colors, flowers and interests? In the various "Home Design Magazines" I lift ideas and concepts, but whole rooms seem a bit forced and fussy and consumer based. Sometimes I feel like they are selling a product, or many products to create "a look". It takes thought to be original but once you get into the habit it can be very satisfying process. After all, your home should reflect what you love and how you live.

All of you creative sewing friends out there, take a moment to peruse our Sunflower and Garden print collections. I think it will inspire you to create some fun and happy pieces to integrate into your home and maybe even your garden. Send us photos of your creations and projects, we would love to feature your "work" on our community page or even here on our blog. You are some of the most creative and clever folks we know and I thank-you for sharing your talent in advance.

Tips for finding these and other garden prints online...

Go to our website, click on fabrics, select main table, proceed, now select florals, now click around and find what you like...
The prices are great and the shipping is fast and cost effective.
Did you know that Mary Jo's Cloth Store is on facebook.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sports Themed Bedroom Hits A Home Run...

Do you have a some extra time and a child who is a sports fan?
Would you like to make your child, over the moon happy? Consider creating a "Sports Fan" bedroom. We have gathered together quite a collection of fabric featuring Baseball, Basketball, Football and College Sports teams. Below are some simple tips and ideas on creating your own "Sports Nirvana" Bedroom or Playroom.

Designing a Baseball/Football Themed Bedroom

Things You’ll Need:
Bedding, Curtains, Photos, Posters and Memorabilia awards. You may also want to consider painting the walls or a wall the “Team Color”.

Step 1:
Choose bedding material that features the team logo of your child’s favorite football or baseball team. Also you may want to use the thematic colors of blue, red and white, which are the colors of Major League Baseball. Consider accenting the bedding or extra chairs in the room with sports themed throw pillows, you can easily create them yourself with all of the “Sports” themed fabric available at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store or online at, go to the "Fabric Section" click on Main Floor, you will see the different "Sports Selections" MLB, NFL, College, click around and check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Step 2:
Cover the windows with curtains made from the fabric you used for the pillows or the bedding. Additionally you may want to consider using a solid color that is the official team color, it would coordinate well with the logo bedspread, quilt or throw.

Step 3:
Frame photos or posters of your child's favorite baseball players to hang on the walls.

Step 4:
Display your child's baseball trophies, signed baseballs or gloves, ticket stubs from memorable games and any other memorabilia in a glass case or on shelves.
Step 5:
Consider painting furniture pieces such as a nightstand, a wooden chair or a bed frame in the “favorite team” colors. Paint your child's name and his team number onto a surface of one of these items.

Step 6:
Put baseball-shaped knobs onto drawers and/or doors.
Step 7: Google your favorite teams name and shop for a few perfect accents and lamps that will fit perfectly with your new “All Star” bedroom.

Have some fun with this project. Send in photos of your special sports themed bedroom, we cannot wait to see what you will create.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flower Power, A Fun Craft Project...

Have you ever wondered what to do with those little scraps of fabric that are in a pile or in a box in your cupboard? Quilting is the obvious answer but maybe you should consider shaking it up a bit. One of our customers, Lorna Sanford from Charlotte, N.C. shared this great "Flower Power Craft Project". It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! This project requires only Fabric, Heavy Paper and a Glue stick. You don't even have to break out the sewing machine.
You can create dozens of these beauties in a day or 1 in just a few minutes.
Simple Fabric Flowers...

1. Cut four 4 inch squares of contrasting, interesting patterned fabric, set aside.
2. Cut four 4 inch squares of heavy stock paper. (an old file folder or heavy craft paper will do)
3. Draw a flower shape onto the paper. (See photo)
4. Glue the back of the fabric to the back of the flower template. Use a fresh glue stick, make sure it is fully covered with the glue before adhering.
5. Cut the flower on the paper side.
6. Gently crease each petal, leaving the center concaved.
7. Glue each flower stacking and offsetting the petals below it. (So the patterns show, see photo)
8. Now cut little contrasting circles, glue to center of flower. You could also use quirky or antique buttons for the centers.
WOW. These little beauties are terrific glued onto a barrette, a card or add to the top of a beautiful package. The possibilities are endless.

This is also great for all of the "Fat Quarters" we have available, online or at the store.
Do you have a story or project to share? We would love to hear from you, send an email today.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Shipping News...

The other day we received a note from a gal in Arkansas. She was delighted with how quickly and efficiently her order was delivered.
We are constantly tweaking our delivery systems as we are always seeking the best value for our customers.We are always available to answer your questions via email, snail mail or telephone. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. You will not be disappointed. The next time you are noodling around on and you need to know more info don't hesitate to call us, we are there for you.

Friday (6/5/09) I received the fabric I ordered from your store. Inside the box, the fabric was packaged in a Mary Jo's plastic bag. Gosh I sure miss being able to shop there anytime I got the urge like when I was living in Gastonia. Sometimes when I get homesick for you, I do the virtual tour just to remember looking at the fabric and notions in all the sections. My "stash" is full of your fabrics, and the curtains in my kitchen windows and the tablecloths I use for company, come from your tablecloth fabric section.
Keep the blog going, keep up the website, and thanks for always having good prices and great selections.
God bless.
Mountain Home, Arkansas, formerly from Gastonia, NC.
PS - You would have been surprised that I often come across people who have been to your store. I might meet them anywhere. Last person I met was at the Padaucah AQS show this April!

Thanks for your note, we appreciate the kudos and the feedback.

So let’s talk about how we ship and deliver the fabric to your home or business. It is a necessary part of the web/mail order business. The upside for you is you do not have to drive to the store and you can shop from the website 24/7. We have many customers from other states and other countries who can enjoy shopping online and terrific selection and prices. The mail order department answers your questions promptly and always ships within 3-4 business days (it is our policy). The shipping rates are standard Postal or UPS/Fed-Ex. We have worked hard to ensure the best price and the quickest delivery.

From our website… ships to all 50 States and APO/FPO addresses. Orders originating from U.S. territories and APO/FPO addresses will be shipped by U.S. Mail. does offer shipping to addresses outside of the United States.

All international deliveries are shipped USPS Global Priority. Special Quotes will be given for the order. Allow 3-4 business days for price quotes.

Most orders are shipped within 3-4 business days. Please allow 7-12 days for ground shipments to arrive. On orders to Alaska, Hawaii, APO and FPO addresses, delivery may take an additional 7-14 days. All applicable shipping charges will be added to your invoice. In the event that we cannot ship your complete order, we will notify you via e-mail.

Do you have a story or project to share? Email us today we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Flowers, Tractors and the Tarheels...

Happy Independence Day Weekend! We hope you had fun celebrating our nations 233rd Anniversary. Nothing says summer like a picnic with friends and family.

What do flowers, tractors, fish, boats, cars, baseball, basketball, kitchen gadgets, toys, holidays and etc...(the list is long) have in common? They are all printed on fabric that is for sale at Mary Jo's Cloth Store! Since 1951 Mary Jo has made it her personal mission to stock her store with cloth that is not only beautiful and inexpensive but unique and interesting. She searches all the sources she can find, to create her collection of cloth. Did you know the store alone is 32,000 square feet of amazing choices? This is why many of our customers call Mary Jo's Cloth Store "Fabric Heaven", "Mecca" or even "Nirvana". Going into Mary Jo's can be an awe inspiring experience. Folks come from all over the country to spend the day looking at bolt after bolt of incredible choices and ultimately purchasing cloth that suits their needs and strikes their fancy. Talk about a fun and satisfying destination!
Prints, let's talk some more. Our customers are kind enough to send us photos and/or descriptions of their handiwork. We were recently delighted by a note from our customer, Ann. "I really get excited about going to Mary Jo's. My Husband and I go yearly and he loads up on fabric with fish, lighthouses, old and antique cars, boats and outdoor type fabrics. I make him shirts both short and long sleeves. We went last year and I made him a lot of Christmas shirts to wear on a tour bus trip to Lancaster and Hershey, Pa. He had so many compliments on them. This year on Dec 1 we are going to Nashville, Tenn on a tour bus and we've been told that everyone goes all out with Christmas apparel so he will be right up there. He also has John Deer shirts out of every kind of John Deer fabric I can find, both short and long sleeves. I also buy children's fabric for the grandchildren and bought a really pretty Christmas kitten fabric to make each of them a pillow case. I make quilts out of the fabric and take scraps of shirt fabric and make my husband quilts. I make me jackets out of Christmas and fall fabric to wear on trips. I get lots of compliments on that. I buy rolls of warm and natural batting for my quilts. We just love shopping at Mary Jo's. It is our favorite cloth store."
Ann Rivenbark

Did you know we have a John Deere apron Panel. Does your fella love tractors and grilling? This is the perfect apron for him and it is only 5.99. OK, Wow it just doesn't get any better. (To order, type "John Deere Apron Panel" into the advanced search field on the website, it will pop right up, only 5.99!)
If this idea appeals to you imagine creating some of your own "Themed Clothing". We have a large selection of specialty prints for Sports Fans, Fishermen, Hunters, Nature Lovers, Grill masters, Airplane Aficionado's, Gardeners, Dinosaur Lovers and the list goes on. The only thing stopping you is your imagination!
Take a moment and log on to and see what we have to offer in the "Specialty Print" world. You will not be disappointed. We look forward to seeing some of your projects, keep those emails and photo's coming, we want to feature you!