Thursday, April 29, 2010

Krazy, Kooky, Fun and Lacey, Spring Sale...

Browsing through the sale section of the website is always fun. I am always amazed at the variety and the price points. If you are making a wedding dress, we have lace on sale. Going to the prom or know a young lady who is? Wow, do we have some sequined beauties for the perfect sparkly dress. Thinking about making new curtains, drapes, roman shades or a valance? The choices are many and the possibilities are, well, truly endless with colors and prints galore. We even have fun fabric printed with happy elephants, scottie dogs and laughing children, perfect for a sundress or a child's room. We also have many choices of lace collars and lace embellishments that are not only inexpensive (some as low as a $1.50!) and beautiful.
Quilters, you could have a field day, with prices as low as $3.50 a yard you could design and dream up a quilt that will not only be exquisite but very affordable.
Now is the time to grab a cup of coffee or tea, go to your computer and noodle around in the sale section. Oh, it is also fun to click around and see what other treasures you can uncover to add to your fabric collection!
Mary Jo's online selection is terrific, but if you are anywhere near Gastonia, NC., stopping by the store is always a treat.
Be well, Be happy and know we at Mary Jo's Cloth Store are always working very hard to bring you the very best quality fabrics for the absolute lowest price.
Thanks for shopping at Mary Jo's.
Do you have a quilt or a fabric project you would like to share? Send us an email with a photo and we may feature your beautiful project in a future article.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

June Brides, Happily Ever After...

June is fast approaching and it is traditionally the month of sweeping changes in family dynamics. Our children graduate from High School and College and others are saying "I Do" and marrying their sweethearts. A lovely month filled with many traditions. So the question is how do you impact your family's future history? Here are a few ideas, how about a "Wedding Ring Quilt" for the special couple or a Quilt for a recent Graduate? There is also the lucky Bride who's Mother, Grandmother, Sister or Aunt will help in the making of her wedding dress. The future is filled with the memories of these milestone events. Quilts, dresses and the like are mementos of these milestone occasions.
So let's start with the dress. Lace, Satin, Taffeta and Organza? Ahhh, the mind swirls around with all of the choices and possibilities. Mary Jo's Cloth has a Bridal Department filled with all that you will need. When you are contemplating making your very special Bridal Gown and Veil we can lend a hand. Our Bridal Department has a section devoted to Headpieces and the tulle and netting for the veil.
This would not only save you some cash it will make the Brides day that much more memorable and heartfelt to know that someone she loves has helped to create her "Perfect Look" for this very special day.

Now let's talk Quilts. If a couple dear to you is getting married what could be more traditional and thoughtful than a "Wedding Ring" quilt? Frequent Mary Jo's customers Bob & Sharon Kennedy sent us a photo of a beautiful quilt they recently finished. They are thrilled to be able to give their Grandson a gift that will become a treasured family heirloom.
The possibilities are endless, we have tons of great fabric and prices that are often times too low to be believed. Log on the website or stop into the store today. We are always happy to help you find what you are looking for and exactly what you need.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The World Is A "Quilting" Garden...

Spring. Trees are bursting with the most magical blossoms, Daffodils are everywhere, Azaleas are happily showing off their spring colors and the fields of grass are the most spectacular shade of emerald green. Spring never fails to delight, with it's vibrant and interesting color palette. At Mary Jo's it feels like Spring on the main floor. Whether you are at the store or shopping online, wow, do we have some fab choices. We have quite a selection of fun colorful florals and other patterns and designs that are inspired by the bright and cheery colors of Spring.
Today we are featuring a quilt by Debbie Clarke that was inspired by a garden, possibly her own. Debbie put much thought and effort into the delicate color blending that the different fabric pieces offered her. It is quite wonderful.
"I have been shopping MJ's since 1984. What a treasure trove of fabric.

My first photo is "The World is a Garden" done in a colorwash technique of all florals.
The second is "Turning 60" to celebrate my 60th birthday. It is a scrappy memories quilt and includes strips of fabric saved from my sewing past. Fabric from the first vest I made for my daughter (that I remember purchasing at MJ's) is there, as well as lots of other garments. Around the vines and leaves are favorite sayings and words I live by.
Thanks for being my favorite destination.
Debbie Clarke"
We are blessed to have folks like Debbie send in stories and photos of the pieces they create with Mary Jo's Cloth. Thank- you for sharing your lovely and inspired work. Do you have something to share? Please email us with your project today, you may be the next featured article. Also a big thank-you for all of you who responded to last weeks article "A Call for Quilts". It always feels so good to give to those who need it most. Thanks, from all of us at Mary Jo's Cloth Store.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Call For Quilts...

It has been said that unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls. Indeed. Recently we received a note from one of our Sewing Community members, Catherine Moran. She lives in Santa Rosa, California and has committed this phase of her life to community work. She works with several different organizations in her county. Catherine is all about her work, "Presently, I am the president of the Women's Club for our church and the coordinator of our Sewing Guild. Most of our sewing is quilting for our local Men and Women's shelters. I am also very active in, "The Living Room" which is a homeless shelter for mother's and their children, "Memorial Hospice" which serves the poor and elderly, "Kids Place" which is a a high risk elementary school and "Valley of the Moon Children's Home"." She is also a member of ASG (American Sewing Guild). Whew, this is one busy lady!

We were lucky enough to have a phone chat with Catherine, she is very passionate about her volunteer projects. "Everyday, I am amazed at the generosity of the people here who care about these folks big and small. The other day a young woman told me the story of how one of our quilts that we donated to the homeless shelter that she had stayed in as a child had given her so much pleasure and comfort over the past several years. These stories always remind me that making a difference in someones life is very important. I love my work"

All of you Quilting folks and other Sewing Community members,
we have a question for you. Do you have an extra quilt or fabric that you may want to donate? Think of the impact this simple act could have. A family that is staying in a shelter or someone who is poor or elderly, homeless or terminally ill, would truly appreciate such an act of kindness. Take a moment and think about your cupboards that are possibly full of fabric, maybe you can donate some to this cause. It is as easy as popping the fabric or quilt into a shipping box and sending it out to Catherine in Northern California. We are sure that she and her sewing brigade will quickly turn your generous donation into a quilt for someone who could really use something made with love and goodness.
If you are so inclined you can email Catherine and she will give you the shipping details.
We have faith that some of you will respond to this very special "Call for Quilts". We thank-you for your generosity in advance.

By the way, lots of new items on the sale page, perfect for quilting, tablecloths or a pretty little sundress. Log on soon for the best selection. Do you have a story or a project you would like to share and possibly have featured on our blog? Now is the time, email today!