Thursday, December 27, 2012

Amy Butler Fabric...

Have you been looking for some well priced Amy Butler Fabric?
We have four patterns in the collection. Last Spring we asked you what you wanted to see on the shelves. Amy Butler was one of our top requests. Amy is a delightful designer, she creates fabrics for home and fashion. All of her patterns have a touch of retro, with great colors and fun patterns. We love how she looks at life. From the "Sunnyside of the Street"! To view the collection, click this link to Pinterest, then click and buy!

In the December issue of Martha Stewart's "Living" Magazine she featured darling wooden boxes, covered with fabric. Looks like some of the fabric choices might even be Amy Butlers line of cloth! So we thought you might want to give this easy project a whirl.
Head on out to your local craft store and pick up a few of those cool round or oval boxes. They can be wood or Paper! When you there grab some spray adhesive. We like using the spray adhesive because it leaves no lumps or bumps.
When you get home, cover your work space, so the spray adhesive doesn't get on your lovely table. Simple cut fabric to size, spray the sides of the box with the adhesive and gently press the fabric onto the box. Repeat these simple steps for the lid. Feel free to embellish with a large vintage button on the top, which you can easily adhere with a glue gun. You can also go a bit wild with trim. You can use rick rack, ribbon or even some interesting string. The adhesive will work easily for this as well.
Now you have a perfect box, for giving or maybe you will want to keep it for yourself!
You can also adhere fabric to notebooks. It is really fun once you start thinking about the things you can custom cover with the fabric and patterns of your choice.

For extra inspiration, click and check out this cool blog. The gal who writes it, loves fabric, color and pattern. She is not afraid of using different objects as the base for her fabric covered creations.

When you are finished with our project, send us a few photos, we would love to see what you are doing with Mary Jo's Cloth!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Perfect Gift! A Pillow Made by YOU...

Pillows are easy to make and are always a wonderful gift. Chances are you have some pieces large enough in your fabric stash to whip up a few. Think about all of the cool old Buttons, Ribbon and pieces of Trim that you may also have squirrelled away for just the right project.
We have been busy adding many new choices in our "Upholstery" section. These fabrics are so popular that we cannot open a magazine and not see Ikat, Paisley or Jacobean prints. It is true. If you waltz into Home Goods or Pottery Barn, yep, you will see that indeed these prints are all the rage. We are proud to be carrying the latest and trendiest collection of fabric for creating beautiful Pillows and re-upholstering Footstools, Chairs or even using this heavy fabric for Curtains and Drapes.
Log onto this fun blog to check out some easy 1, 2, 3 style steps. Then let the creating begin!

We just pinned quite a few samples onto Pinterest, click this link and take a whirl and check out the inspiration on Mary Jo's Cloth Board. We promise you will totally be inspired.
The most popular colorways at the moment are, Rich Browns with splashes of Saffron and Claret, with a bold splash of Blue. This is a very classic choice.
We also are loving the palette of the pale Lime Greens and soft Sea Glass Blues. Oh, so beachy and lovely. These are also very restful colors.
When you are making pillows or recovering a stool or long bench, you are not investing a whole lot of energy or money for updating a room!

Now is the time to stock up! We still have a few weeks of FREE SHIPPING! Hurry, as you know our stock turns over at a rapid rate. Take a moment and check out our SALE page. 191 items are online today. We updating our SALE page daily, so don't miss out.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Create an Heirloom, Featured Etsy Stores & FREE Shipping...

Hey all you big time creative sewers, three weeks until, the big day. Christmas! Do you have everything you need? There is still plenty of time to whip up some sweet little gifts, or maybe even a few large ones. When you give a gift that is handmade you might be giving something that could become a family heirloom. Think about those special items you have that your Momma or Grandma made. Time ticks by so quickly, soon your beloveds will be hanging onto things that YOU created. When you think about it this way, you can have a hand in your family history, by stitching something heartfelt today! Weird, but true.
To that point, if you log onto you can shop, as late or as early as you would like and find exactly the perfect fabric. You will enjoy the FREE Shipping we are offering the entire month of December. It is our holiday thank-you to you.

Etsy Storefronts: Whew, we sure have gotten a fine response from you talented folks. Today we are going to feature a few of the gals who sent links to their Etsy Storefronts. You will be delighted, we sure were!
We are featuring a few more each week in December, tell your friends who have Etsy Storefronts or sell online. They may be a feature! Email today.

Our first pick is Ellen Reed. We have featured her before and we love that she purchases her fabric here at Mary Jo's and that she comments on our blog posts and most importantly, makes some super sweet handbags, which we think you will love as much as we do.
Not your Momma's Handbags, Etsy Storefront. Ellen buys all of her sewing supplies and fabric for the linings of these delightful and fun handbags.

The second Etsy Storefront comes with a sweet little story, from a customer who lives in Georgia, Patsy Clements. Flutterwear Boutique, Etsy Storefront
I have enclosed my etsy address with the outfit I am selling made from fabric bought from Mary Jo's.  My girlfriend and I made a trip to North Carolina in October to see Mary Jo's store for the first time and we were wowed by how wonderful it was.  I was looking for that perfect material for my new fall line of children's clothing along with other material for my many Christmas gifts I am making.  A couple of quilts later and several dresses I am so very satisfied with the quality of material and how beautiful everything turned out.  I made the most stunning Christmas dress for my 16 month old granddaughter.  Her pictures are on Saturday.  Can't wait to see them in print.  She is also the model for my fall line.
Thanks to all the wonderful staff who helped me the entire day I spent at Mary Jo's.  I was there from the time they opened and the last one to check out.  Everyone was absolutely wonderful.  I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful Christmas season.


Patsy Clements
Flutterwear Boutique
Cumming GA

Thanks for all of your submissions. We always love to see what you all are doing in your sewing rooms. Take a moment and check out the wonderful holiday Fabrics we have pinned on Pinterest. Click and View! You are going to be inspired, we promise.
 Have a wonderful week, remember to have some fun, it is the season after all!