Monday, February 25, 2013

Sewing Department and Springtime Trends...

Several weeks ago we asked you about Sewing Machines. Should we carry them, what brand should we sell and should we have Sewing Classes? You were great, we received so many emails with fine ideas, opinions and advice. We thank you for helping to create Mary Jo's Sewing Machine Department and Classroom. We are excited to announce that in the early Spring we are going to open a Sewing Classroom and we are going to sell Sewing Machines. We will also be offering Sewing Classes. We will offer classes for Beginners and will also have special classes in Quilting and advanced sewing techniques. Mary Jo's Cloth Store just got better! We will keep you informed step by step as this becomes a reality.
Paisley from our Upholstery Department

Springtime Trends: Beautiful restful colors of Turquoise, Citron, Taupe, Golden Greens and a dash of Toasty Brown. This is the time of year to redo a Room, cover a Sofa or make a Pillow. There is nothing that helps say good bye to those dark days of winter like freshening up a room. We have posted a lovely collection on Pinterest, from Mary Jo's Upholstery Collection. Our prices beat the other stores and the quality is top notch. You can also shop our website to find other fabrics to spruce up your home. Take a cruise around to see the latest, what is on SALE and to be inspired by the pages of possibilities.

Have you been using Mary Jo's Cloth in your home projects? If so, send us an email wiht your photos, you may be an upcoming article.
Thansk for shopping at Mary Jo's, we do appreciate your business.
Happy Spring.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Scrapbooking with Fabric...

At Mary Jo's Cloth we are always so interested in how you are using our vast collection of Cloth. 32,000 sq feet of Cloth! Indeed. Having said that, we were thinking about those of you that are Scrapbookers who are using Fabric instead and with Paper! Such amazing talent out there. A Gal named Donna Downey is a wonder. She teaches workshops and classes all around the country.
You will be inspired if you click onto her Blog, grab some great ideas and fill in with some of our great fabric.
Another Crafty Lady is Tania Willis. She wrote a really cool book called "Scrapbooking with Fabric"
This book has a real WOW fabric factor.  You will be delighted. Tania is a great presenter of her craft, this is a sample from her blog.
What is it exactly?
"Scrapbooking with Fabric" is a jam-packed 100+ page e-book wherein you'll learn how to add the warmth & texture of various textiles to your scrapbooking projects. You will learn a diverse range of techniques for adding fabric in big and small ways. Not only will you have increased confidence in yourself in using various store-bought fabrics, but you’ll also learn how to incorporate meaningful fabrics as the focus of your layout. As always I will having you pushing the boundaries of your creativity, while encouraging you to reduce.reuse.recycle castoff fabrics to make them useful again.Even if you think you “know” fabric, you will find new ideas for using it on your pages and projects in this e-book. In “Scrapbooking with Fabric” you’ll be taking more than needle and thread to the page–you’ll be working with stiffeners, inks, stabilizers, adhesives . . . and even crayons!  Throughout the book you'll be inspired in ways you never imagined while learning tips and techniques to reduce your out-of-pocket cost you're forking over for ready-mades as your knowledge for making custom embellishments increases! Sound intriguing? Then, get your copy today, sweet friends! 

 Thanks for being such a crafty inspiration, Tania and Donna.
What a world we have with the Web. Many things we need and want to know are just a Google Click away.

Did you know that at Mary Jo's Cloth Store are we are stocking all kinds of new spring fabrics? Many of them are featured on the website. You can also Log onto the Mary Jo's  Pinterest to see some new hot fabric picks. When you click on the photo you can go directly to the page on our MJ website where that wonderful and inspiring piece of fabric is sold. Easy-breezy.
Now get to clicking, then some stitching. Have fun and send some of your projects our way. We always love to see what you are up to. Email today!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

QUILTS, The Rest of the Story...

Several weeks ago we sent out a "Call for Quilts". Boy are we one lucky Cloth Store. We received such beautiful work from our customers. Today we are featuring a few more of the submissions.

This first featured quilt was sent to us by Kelly Wood. She is in a Quilting group and said this quilt is a result of a block swap at her Quilting Guild.
Kelly, WOW. Great job. We love your color choices and interesting, inspired design. Thanks for sharing.

Our Next Quilt was submitted by Melissa Normington. " I made this in 2011 with fabric from Mary Jo's.  I used minky material and flannel on the back to make a rag quilt.  This quilt is so soft and has a little weight to it to help her sleep. " Melissa, your quilt is a beauty and we love your color combo. Bright and fresh!

Thanks you ladies for these wonderful examples of your fine work and whta you can do with Mary Jo's Cloth!
We just posted many new fabrics on the Mary Jo's Cloth Pinterest page.You will be very excited to see this collection. Pinterest is so simple. Click on the photo, it becomes larger, when you click on the large photo, it goes directly to the page on where you can then buy it. No more searching. YAY.
So take a moment and click around on Pinterest to see what you can see. We think you will find it irresistible and a super easy way to shop online. We do!

Lastly, Who out there in Mary Jo Cloth Blogland is making Bali Pop Quilts? We would like to feature your beautiful work. We are selling Bali Pops (40 pieces, 2 1/2 inch stripes) $35.00. 
Click here to see them on Pinterest. Really Cool. Send in your Bali POP Quilt photos today! Thanks.