Thursday, December 29, 2011

Free Shipping and A Big Thank-You...

Our first order of business is Shipping. 2011 is rapidly coming to a close. That means our December FREE SHIPPING is almost over. Our website is filled with truly amazing bargains, as always, nothing new there! Always check the SALE page first, that is where we show off the biggest bargains.
Now is the time to be thinking about your sewing needs for the coming year. Our most ambitious clients will turn their eye towards recovering or slip-covering that careworn Chair or Sofa. Maybe you just need to just change up a space? Spice it up with some cool colored or patterned fabric. You could do something as simple as creating a few new tablecloths or stitch up several sets of curtains. You could even take out all the color and go with some fresh white linen for a sunny room. Muslin and Burlap style fabrics seem to be quite popular as well, with prices like this and free shipping, maybe you should give it a whirl, what is stopping you?
We would also like to THANK-YOU for being our loyal customer. Yes, YOU.
Mary Jo's Cloth Store is blessed. Every Monday-Saturday our 65 employees can be found scurrying around the bolts of cloth or one of the many cutting tables, stocking, arranging, cutting orders and answering your questions. Our mail room keeps many of the employees very busy with web and phone orders. There are always several folks working near the front of the store at the cashiers desk and in the notions departments. Our 32,000 square foot building is absolutely filled to the rafters with bolts of cloth and all of the notions that our customers may need. When Mary Jo started her Cloth Store over 60 years ago, she vowed that it would be a store where all of her customers could afford to buy cloth that was affordable, always. She holds true to that statement today. Mary Jo still comes to the store everyday, helping, ordering, managing and making sure her dream is carried out. She will be celebrating her 80th birthday in mid-January!
We are thankful to have such a special place in the hearts of those who sew, create, quilt and use our fabric for a variety of purposes, at home and in their businesses.
So again, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. We appreciate your loyal patronage over the years. We love to hear about your projects and all of the special things you do with Mary Jo's Cloth. Keep up the good work and we will be seeing y'all in the New Year.
Drop us a note, share your project and if you have a "Cloth Store" story please share it with us. We are all ears.
May your New Year be filled with joy, magic and love.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holidays, Winter Re-Do, Sales, & Free Shipping..

Christmas is coming and 2012 is not far behind. Where does the time go? Life and living seem to scream by at an accelerated pace. So here are a few thoughts from Mary Jo's Cloth Store.
First, remember "Free Shipping" now through December 31st. If you are thinking about stocking up, now is the time, please make sure to tell your friends.
Second, we have 238 items posted on our SALE page. For all of you Pillow-makers and Upholstery buffs, we have many choices of trim and fringe on SALE for as little as .79 cents per yard. WOW, that is crazy cheap, with free shipping we are almost giving it away. If you would like to be inspired and learn a bit more, Linda Lee from HGTV is featured in a lovely article showing you just how easy it is to "Fringe" up a pillow or two.
Third, we still have plenty of Holiday fabric, just in time for a few last minute Tablecloths, Stockings and Tree Skirts. Many of the Holiday Fabrics we carry are also a general Winter theme, so you won't have to put it away until the Daffodils start poking their little heads out of the ground! It is always nice to enjoy our personal spaces in a state of lovely Winter Decor. Quiet and peaceful, mmmm, I do believe it sounds like a soothing tonic.

Lastly, when the weather outside is frightful and snow and rain are our constant companions, beat those winter blues by shaking up your personal habitat! Now is the time to be thinking of re-doing a room, re-upholstering a chair, making new curtains, or throwing on a new coat of paint to give your world either a pop of color or a quiet moment. Either way January is the perfect month for home improvement. Most Home stores have deeply discounted sales on sheets & towels. Paint stores often have major sales on basic paint & brushes, furniture & accessories are also easy to pick up on sale in January. At Mary Jo's Cloth Store we always have a great selection of Home & Design Fabrics at prices that always beat the other guys!

You may want to check out the latest design and decorating trends in the magazines, Veranda and House Beautiful. They are a wealth of information and inspiration. The pages of these periodicals are chocked full with ideas on color, style and home decor. A pleasure!

In mid-January we would like to feature some of your projects. Do you have something to share with us and our readers? We all love to be inspired and wowed. So take a moment, photograph your space and send in your own Personal Habitat, you may be a featured article! We look forward to hearing from you, Happy Holidays.