Saturday, March 31, 2012

Color and Everyday Quilting Inspirations...

Victoria Gertenbach, an expert Quilter, is inspired by most everything around her. In her latest blog posting she features a small quilt that was inspired by Blood Oranges. WOW. A quick trip to the produce section and this gal is cookin' along on the train of creativity. Have you sometimes been "blocked" and can't seem to get inspired or in the mood? Victoria and Quilting Artist's like her can be great mentors/teachers.
Her blog present and past is wonderful inspiration to anyone who is curious and interested.
The following is her current post...
Color Inspiration: Blood Oranges.
Color inspiration truly is everywhere and if you are ever in need of a quick fix, just visit your local produce supplier. Blood Oranges. Are they not gorgeous?! I have been enjoying this delectable fruit for the last few years, and am always delighted when they become available. The deep reddish, purple coloring comes from the presence of anthocyanins, which are a type of plant pigments found in many different flowers and fruits, but generally not found in most citrus fruits.... which makes these babies extra special.
For this quilt, I used colors found in the blood oranges and for some pop and zing added some contrasting greens and blues.
I continue to be enamored by the Moda Grunge fabrics, (by Basic Gray). Love that they work as solids but have that layer of added interest, which reminds me of worn and exposed paint. (You may remember I first started using the Grunge fabrics when making this quilt in shades of off-white and brown.)
This colorful little quilt is now available in my shop. (Now SOLD)
Hope you all have a joyful and colorful week! xo

Wow, thanks Victoria, I think you may have delighted and inspired our Mary Jo's Cloth Community and we thank-you.

The update on our recent email campaign, We hear YOU!
Change is a sometimes slow process. We are currently working with some new and different manufacturers (suggested by YOU) to supply the items on your wish lists.
MODA, Riley Blake, Fatquarters, Higher-end Woolens and possibly some buggies (shopping carts). You never know, some of these wishes could become reality. We had an overwhelming response. Know that we read every letter. We could not respond to each letter, but we tallied the wants and needs of YOU our customer We really appreciate your feedback and continued support. So, thanks ever so much, YOU are all such treasures.
By the way if you would like to see our newest collection of paisley's, like the one in the title block at the beginning of this article, it is only 7.99 per yard. Check it out. Enjoy the day and take a moment to shop at, we are always posting new choices and updating our SALE page.
Happy Sewing.

Monday, March 19, 2012


We asked, you answered. Boy did you answer! We have received hundreds of emails, detailing what you would like us to carry, in addition to the many lines of fabric we have available at all times!
We will be taking suggestions through the end of the month, please send us a note TODAY!
So to sum up our current findings, we heard a resounding request for MODA. 60% of you requested MODA. We are working on this being our first addition, but we need your help.
If you agree that MODA would be a fine addition to our lines of Fabric, send us a note. Make sure to tell us how you are using this line and why you love it. You and your project could be featured in our next article!
It was delightful to read all of your emails.
We loved hearing all of your kudos, ideas, thoughts. We are paying very close attention to improvements that could be made.
Some of our favorites:
I’m sorry, I know you are quite serious, but I can’t resist. How about some invisibility fabric so we can all make our own Harry Potter invisibility cloaks? You have so many wonderful fabrics that I could not begin to list a favorite!!!!
Thanks for all you do!
Shirley Knack

Miss Shirley, unfortunately we do not have a vendor to source your "dream fabric". Seriously, you are funny!!!

The next letter is sweet, heartfelt and filled with some great suggestions. Thanks for weighing in...
I'm so excited about you adding new fabric. I would love to see a higher
end quilt fabric line like MODA (if you have that, I haven't found it!), I'm always looking for sock monkey fabric. Also AMY BUTLER Fabrics and patterns would be great. More solid backing fabrics that are wide would be
a nice addition, too.
Have you ever thought of having quilting workshops? There are a lot of quilters in this area looking for a good "Quilt" Store. Another thing, since I'm on a roll here. Have you ever thought of making shopping easier by having buggies? It wears me out to lug all my bolts of fabric to the tables then have to stack them.
I drive from Hickory to your store, but would come more often if the atmosphere was better! I haven't been since you have made the changes to the store, maybe all my wishes have come true and I just don't know it. AND.....why not have a discount for folks that have prayer quilt ministries? I have a group of ladies at church, Abernethy UMC, in Newton.
We would love to buy more from you for that ministry.

Thanks for listening to my ideas! I really appreciate being able to give
Have a blessed day,

Joy, You are on a roll, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.!

So to re-cap this posting, the following are the top requested fabrics we should add to our selection...
MODA is leading the charge by 60%.
then in the order of requests, Amy Butler/Tula Pink/Riley Blake/Stonehenge/Kaffee Fassett/Red Rooster/Benetex/Andover/Primitive Gatherings

Do you have a minute to send us your thoughts on this subject? You can BE the change you want to SEE. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Email us TODAY!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Need Your Help...

Do you have a favorite fabric that we should be selling in at Mary Jo's Cloth Store?
We would love for YOU to send your top picks and recommendations to us in the next few days. We are looking at expanding our lines of Fabrics so we can better serve YOU.
Be the change you want to see, send an EMAIL today.