Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tree Skirts, The Grinch and YOU...

Mary Jo's Cloth Store has the prettiest Christmas Tree Skirt that she designed with the Fabric Manufacturer herself! It is sweet as all get out. We think you will look forward to taking it out and using it year after year. It is a holiday red with Santas, Rocking Horses, Holly and a grand gold border. The cool part? It is only 10.99. Yep, that is it! So get them while they last, click on this link to order your TREE SKIRT today.
We also just pinned over 30 Holiday Fabric samples on Pinterest. Of course it is easy to click on the fabric you like, it will take you directly to the "Buy" page at It could not be easier!

We are featuring a whole new line of the "Grinch who Stole Christmas" fabric. Really well done, fun and some are even fleece so you can stitch up a blanket, comforter or little jacket or vest.
We also have an advent calendar, which you could have ready in time for December First and the official count down to the big day!

Now is the time to make a few Holiday Stockings, Table-toppers, Napkins, Runners or even a sweet new Christmas Quilt. The lines we are carrying from Marcus Fabrics should really fill the bill. The designs look old timey and have wonderful color schematics.
If you want to go directly to, in the top right corner you will see a search box, type in Christmas or Holiday fabric and it will give you over 110 choices!Free shipping the entire month of December!

 Lastly, we are looking to take a peek inside of your online stores. Do you stitch up items and post them for sale on the internet? Then this is for you. Send us the link to your online storefront. We will be featuring the best of the best over the next several weeks. Just so you know, we are proud to see what you do with our fabrics. Oh so talented, all of you. Send your link today!

Happy Holidays, Tis the Season to Love, Laugh and Enjoy your friends and family.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving, and a Gift for the Holidays...

Today we would like you to say thank-you and send the happiest of wishes for this Thanksgiving week. We know you have alot to do, hosting family members who have traveled a fair distance, dinners to cook and little ones who need some extra hugs. Thanksgiving is a mixed bag of happy, delighted, stressed, overtired and over joyed. Sometimes it can be hard to pick! That is the soup of family relationships. We all try to do the best job we can and hug each other at the end of the day.

At Mary Jo's we consider you a part of our Cloth Store Family. We have known many of you from the day we opened our doors in Dallas, North Carolina. We all kind of grew up together. We have seen so many changes in the world of business since we opened our doors. Who could have dreamed of the power of the internet and computers, oh so many years ago?, indeed!
These past 62 years have flown by, filled with children, family, friends and working and keeping up with the Cloth Store. We have worked hard all these years to make sure that you do indeed feel like family. It's easy, we love what we do, everyday! So a special heartfelt thanks to ALL of you, our customers who truly do make a difference. You send us such nice notes and emails, detailing the most recent project you have finished. Ah, joy!
We also want to give a heartfelt thanks to our staff, on the floor and in the office. Without them we would just be a 32,000 building filled with fabric. Yes, they make all of the difference. Happy Thanksgiving.
We give thanks every day!

This Holiday Season we would like you to consider some home sewn items. Family and friends will be delighted by your creativity. Think about maybe stitching up a quilt or a doll for a child who is cold or lonely? You could make stockings for children in a shelter or take some time and look around to see what fabric scraps you have laying around and whip up a warm quilted blanket for an elderly person who has no family. It is easy to be generous. Take a moment and go online to see about a local shelter that could really use your help.

Our gift to you this year is FREE shipping for the entire month of December. Do you know someone who is a Quilter, a Dollmaker or Home Decor specialist? We have many departments and you can find most anything you may be looking to buy. If you cannot decide, you may want to consider a gift certificate. The gift of fabric is never a bad idea! It is so easy to log onto, click and order.

But know this, you will save money. This we promise. One of our quirky but good habits is making sure our prices are the best, always. We have many new choices and we are always updating the SALE and Seasonal Specials. We also have a Mary Jo's Cloth Store Canvas Tote Bag. At $1.99 you can load up and use them for Gift Bags or Grocery Shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving. Check out or Facebook page and our Pinterest Boards, to see the latest news, ideas and specials.
Do you have an ETSY Page? Are you selling holiday items? The second week in December we will be featuring your ETSY stores that are filled with items made with Mary Jo's Cloth.
Send your ETSY Store link today to We look forward to seeing your beautiful work and are happy to promote your Etsy store in this special article.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank-You & FREE Shipping...

We have been so busy at the store. We are gearing up for the holidays and 2013! This has been a wonderful year. Thanks to ALL of YOU! We so appreciate your letters, emails, comments and patronage. We are looking forward to celebrating our 62nd year! Yes, this is a wonderful thing.

We understand that there has been some talk of our Store Closing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pop into the store any day of the week, we are busy. Everyday UPS is bringing in Fabric and Notions and whatnot, then picking up orders that are being shipped to your doorstep!
We plan on being here a good long time.

Starting December 1st, you will enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Simple and easy, this is our annual gift to all of you.  We are still working on our website re-design. We also continue to bring in fabrics that are fresh and you will always pay less than other fabric stores. But if you have shopped with us for anytime at all, you know this!

Lastly we have Blankets on the way. Obama Blankets, a special order that should be here by mid-December. These blankets are only 16.99! We are taking early orders so don't get left out in the cold, order one or more today. A perfect holiday gift.

Again, thanks. Keep those emails coming, we always are interested in sharing your stories, projects, etsy stores and experiences of shopping here at the fabled, fabric mecca, Mary Jo's Cloth Store.