Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Snowstorm, A Fabric Fix & Saving Loads of Money ...

It is almost the 4th of July, where does time the go? We have plenty of new choices at Mary Jo's Cloth Store and on the pages of our website. The choices are terrific and the prices, sublime.

We received an email from a gal who is "Batik Crazy". She came to the store this past winter just ahead of a snow storm! We love our dedicated customers and share their passion for amazing fabric on sunny or snowy days. We love to see you come into the store and tool around with a grin from ear to ear. Imagine, 32,000 square feet of fabric, oh the possibilities! It is mind bending!

This is our featured story this week.
"On Dec 23 my husband had major back surgery and so my time has been spent at work or taking care of him since he is unable to get around on his own yet. If you know men, they are such babies when they are "ill". They think they can't survive without you! He "misses" me during the week so he thinks I should spend my entire weekend with him. Don't get me wrong, I love him, been married since 1984, but he just doesn't get that "need for fabric" that I have! hehe

My step-daughter gave me a Gift Certificate to Mary Jo's for Christmas and it has been burning a hole in my wallet since she gave it to me December 19th! Unfortunately I live in Statesville so I can't just up and run down to Mary Jo's and be back in an hour. Heck if I ever get there I will spend the entire day just getting my "Fabric Fix" so it will last awhile.

So I spent hours on end at their website trying to choose Civil War fabrics my my Underground Railroad sampler I want to do. Since computers are not picture perfect in giving true colors it took me forever to choose each piece of fabric, about 15 different ones. When I finally made the decision and hit the submit order button, I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get my fabric and get started. But the following Monday I received a phone call from Mary Jo's saying several of the pieces of fabric I choose had been sold out! I was devastated!!!!!!!! I asked them to just cancel the order for now and maybe one day soon I would be able to make a trip down there. So far, no trip yet.

So as I was pouting, I began to look through some quilting magazines and came across a wall hanging pattern I fell in love with. Stepping Stones from American Patchwork and Quilting, Oct 2009. It was done in Batiks which I have never really cared for that much. But maybe if I tried this project using batiks it would change my mind. I also had just read a blog on the website about a lady and her husband buying wonderful Batiks at Mary Jo's.

So I thought about the upcoming Quilting Extravaganza this past weekend in Statesville. I could get new fabric there. YEA, I was going to get my "Fix" after all. But then the "SNOW" decided to show up and ruin everything. (So I thought)
I needed that "Fabric Fix" something terrible and the thought of not begin able to go because of the road conditions was not making me happy. So I begged and pleaded with my boss to leave work a hour and half early on Friday so I could get my much needed Fabric Fix!

Well I got there at 4pm and they closed at 5pm plus the snow was on it's way fast and furious. I paid my way in and had to make a mad dash around to every booth trying to see who had batiks in fat quarters that I liked. Then I had to hurry and choose my colors. OH MY GOSH! I don't ever recommend trying to choose fabric colors in that much of a hurry.
Well I did get my fabric fix and used batiks! Well now I am hooked! I have decided when I do get to Mary Jo's I will choose more batiks and make this project for Christmas Presents for 2010! Not to mention by having to wait so long in being able to get to visit Mary Jo's, my tax return will be soon. What does that mean...
A BIGGER $$$ FABRIC FIX from Mary Jo's!

See you soon!!!!!!! one way or the other!"
Lisa Bryson
Statesville, NC

Lisa Thanks so much for sharing your story. Enjoy these summer days!

Are you looking for some awesome Batik fabric? Log onto and type "Batik" into the search bar at the top right. We have over 280 varieties and colors of Batiks online!

Do you have a story to share? Please send it to us, you may be the next featured article!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Passion for Purses...

We love to feature stories from our customers. We received a note recently from a gal who creates one of a kind handbags. She is so passionate about handbags that she created a business so she could make and sell them! Her website is an inspiration. She buys her many types of fabric and faux leather from Mary Jo's.
I am a frequent visitor at Mary Jo's where I find unique fabrics for my purses. I started a home-based business, Via dei Fiori, a little more than a year ago. I design and make one of-a-kind purses, with the mission of helping women recognize their own uniqueness and beauty, both inside and out. I take special care in finding beautiful lining fabrics, and Mary Jo's certainly has those! Attached are just some of the creations from Mary Jo fabrics. You can see more at Sally Tolentino
How cool. Thanks Sally for your note and we hope to see you soon at "Mary Jo's Cloth Store".
If you are interested in making your own handbags, Mary Jo's has what you need online and in the store. Please remember the ultimate money saving tip... check the sale page first, then if you do not see something that will work for your project, click around online, we have tons of fabric at super low prices. Do you have a project, story or business to share with us? We may even feature it in a future article. Take a moment and send an email today!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Luck, Love and Money...

Love, luck and money. These three things help to make the world go round! At Mary Jo's Cloth Store we are lucky to have all of you as our customers. We love that you shop with us online, on the phone and in person. Lastly we absolutely cannot imagine not saving you money each time you shop with us. So today as Spring turns into Summer we have put many of our fabrics "On Sale". New remnants are in bins at the store and some great new picks are on the "Special Edition" (Sale) page of our website. Log on to the web or stop into the store. We have 32,000 square feet of fabric & notions, enjoy your many hours of looking, dreaming and purchasing in air-conditioned comfort!

The other day we received a wonderful note from a gal in Concord, NC. She had used our fabrics for a project that was not only fun but a great community effort.

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of our Christmas Spectacular 2009 at Crossroads Church,Concord. As the costume designer and maker, I bought tons of felt at Mary Jo's in many different colors to make my take-off on the poodle skirt, which I call the reindeer skirt. You can see from the pictures that I placed an appliqued reindeer instead of a poodle on the skirts to keep with our Christmas theme. I wore out two different employees of your store on the day I came in to buy the fabric, haha. They really earned their paycheck that day. The pictures don't show all of them. I think there were about 20 in all. That was 20 different colors! Anyway, I just want to thank your ladies for having a lot of patience with me that day and show you the results. Thanks, Suzanne Hege

Great job Suzanne we thank-you so much for sharing your story and shopping at Mary Jo's. We are wondering, wow, what will you be creating for this years "Christmas Spectacular"?

We love to hear the stories of your projects. Please take a moment and send your project our way. You could be the next featured story. Thanks in advance and try to stay cool during these hot summer days!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sex & The City, Morroccan Style & You...

Have you noticed the buzz, hubub and cultural effect of popular movies today? Take the new smash hit “Sex & The City”. Ladies all over the country are dressing up in their Diva inspired outfits and having a “Girl’s Nite Out” in theaters across the country and the world! Gals have gone wild for the “Styles” that Carrie Bradshaw and her friends in this movie are wearing. Morocco was the scene of some of the most fantastic, brightly colored outfits that have hit the big screen in years. The colors are rich and saturated and the patterns, with sprinklings of metallic reflect the exotic local of where this movie mostly takes place.
The costume designer, Patricia Fields has always done an interesting interpretation and has been responsible for creating the look of each woman featured in this long running series of stories about four single ladies in New York. The clothes add a dimension to the personality that goes beyond the spoken word. Can you imagine Carrie Bradshaw without her signature tutu? The newest set of costumes is a treasure trove of inspiration to fill in your own Summer Wardrobe.

Question? Where do you find such extravagant fabrics to create such imaginative ensembles? Mary Jo’s of course! Did you know Costume Designers from around the country come to Mary Jo’s to find much of the fabric for their productions? Are you a the Costume Designer for the Opera, Ballet, Theater and Movies, is the place for you, we have fabric for all of your “special needs”. It is always super fun for us at the store to hear about these projects when the Designers are choosing their fabrics. We have a wide selection of sheer fabrics that are shot with gold, and silver threads. Did you know Mary Jo's is also a destination spot for the Indian Dress called a Sari. For this simple dress, approximately 6 yards of shimmery, slightly sheer, flowing colors and patterned material is used. Why not try a Sari for some summer fun?
To find the perfect fabric, log onto our website and cruise around in the Bridal & Formal Fashion section, tons of choices are available. You could also pop by the store, for some real fun.
If you are looking for the hot styles of fabric used in the current hit, Sex and the City Part 2, we would be glad to help you find all of those rich, bright, patterned and glittery fabric you could ever want. You will look fabulous, darling. Now go and have some fun.
One more thing, if you have a moment, send a photo of your newest project, we would love to see your inspired creation.