Friday, March 29, 2013

We Need Your FEEDBACK...

A few important things. We need to know about Irons, which brand is your favorite and why?
We will be carrying them along side our Sewing Machines. We know how important a great iron can be. So do not hesitate, send us an email, with your opinion today! We cannot wait to see what Iron is rated the best, by you, our Mary Jo's Cloth family. We thank you in advance.

Also remember that for the next short while we are offering 5% off All ONLINE Orders and $7.99 shipping. WOW. You could save some money, shop early and often, as we are always adding new stock to our website. Do not forget to check the SALE Page and the Seasonal Specials. You will be happy that you did.
In just a few weeks we will be carrying Sewing Machines in the Store! We also will be hosting a wide range of Sewing Classes. From begining to very advanced.
The Sewing Machine brand we will be stocking is Baby Lock. They have a wide range of options and are easy to use.Here is what the company has to say about Baby Lock.
"At Baby Lock we understand that every sewing enthusiast is different. That's why we have a wide selection of innovative sewing machines to choose from. Whether you prefer to sew garments or home decor items, you'll find a Baby Lock machine to help your creativity shine. Plus, Baby Lock sewing machines are so versatile, that many also have built-in embroidery designs and specialty stitches perfect for quilting, too!"
We are so excited to be a Retailer for these oh so sweet, Baby Lock Sewing Machines!

Do you have a project to share? Send it in today! You could be our next article. Home Decor?  Quilting, Costuming, Party Dresses, Upholstery? Send us  your Photos and links to your websites.

New Pinterest Postings. More of the new HGTV line of Fabric by Waverly. Very cool, Great colors and patterns, you are going to love it!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shop ONLINE & Save Some Cash...

Save 5% on ALL Online orders + 7.99 Shipping!
So this is today's big news! You can save some cash if you shop online at We have been posting many new lines of Fabric.

Our Home Decor has some wonderful heavyweight Ikat and Paisley patterns, just right for some big pillows or recovering a chair. You can freshen up the look of a room in just a few hours.

All the while, saving big money. Now is the time to stock up. 5% and 7.99 shipping, any size order. Go ahead, fill your cupboards with your favorite fabrics, at a savings that just cannot be beat.

Quilters, are you busy with projects and need just the right Batiks to fill out your patterns. We are always on the look out for new colors and designs in the Batik fabric line. We have a super selection, click onto Pinterest to check out a few new top picks.
Also we are now carrying a collection of the new HGTV Line of fabric by Waverly. If you would like to see the entire collection, log onto and type HGTV into the search box in the  upper right corner of the webpage. Easy, you will be inspired.

The last bit of news... We will be opening our Sewing Machine Department and Classroom soon. Stay tuned for a list of classes. We are very excited for this big change. We will have classes for all skill levels. This is going to be fun. We will keep you posted on new developments.

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Also do you have a recent Home Decor Project you would like to share? We will be doing a few articles this Spring about Curtains/Drapes, Pillows, Tablecloths and Re-upholstering Chairs. You could be the featured Project!  Email some photos of  your Project, made with Mary Jo's Cloth today.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ombre Hand Dyed Quilts...

Today we are sharing a "Preview" of Fabric line that will soon be in the store and at . (We will keep you posted) "Ombre Hand Dyes". You are going to be delighted with the possibilities of this new line. Marcus Fabric Company has always been on the cutting edge of design trends. The variations of color in this fabric are beautiful and painterly. They have always been on the cutting edge of design trends. The variations of color in this fabric are beautiful and painterly.

Ombre effects continue in popularity across all style categories, either used as they are, or creatively cut and re-pieced. These gorgeous hand-dyed batiks are mirror-imaged across the width, with deeper shades at both selvages, gradually tapering toward the lightest tint at the center.

PLEASE NOTE: The variations in color and occasional dye spots are inherent in the fabric. These should not be considered as flaws; instead, they give the fabric its unique quality. In addition, the Ombre Hand-Dye Strip-It bundles are hand-cut and may vary slightly in width. Our three easy projects are designed for creativity, and very accommodating for any slight variations. Log onto to see our newest line of Ombre, Hand Dyes. Fantastic and beautiful.



For a PDF version of this project with photos, click on this LINK.
Ombre Hand Dyes Quilt
Fabric Requirements
Finished quilt size: 45” x 55½”
One Ombre Strip Roll #ST02
½ yard binding fabric (quilt shown uses Centennial Solid, Blue Coal #2214)
3 yards backing fabric (quilt shown uses Centennial Solid, Orchid #0042)
Neutral thread in tan or grey
Spray Starch or Sizing
Ruler with 30 and/or 60 degree marking
1. Randomly sew together four of the 2 ½” strips. Press seams in one direction.
Starch and repress. This will help to stabilize your strip sets and minimize stretching
of the bias edges. Repeat for a total of 10.
2. On your ruler, locate the 30/60 degree line. On some rulers it is marked as 30
degrees, on others it is marked as 60 degrees. It is the same angle, so as long as
your ruler has one or the other, you will be able to cut the triangles needed to make
this quilt. Align the 30/60 degree line on your ruler with the left edge of a strip set. Cut.
3. Shift the ruler so that the 30/60 degree line is aligned with the right edge of the strip
set and the ruler intersects the cut angle on the left. Cut.
4. Pivot the ruler so that the 30/60 degree line is aligned with the left edge or the strip
set and the ruler intersects the cut angle on the right. Cut. Continue cutting triangles
in this manner until you have a total of 78 triangles.

5. Layout the triangles in six vertical columns of 13 each. Don't over think placement.

6. Sew together triangles in vertical columns; then sew together the columns, matching intersections.
7. Press well, re-starching if desired.
8. Trim top and bottom of quilt.
9. Stay stitch around edge of quilt to minimize stretching.
1. Cut backing into two equal lengths. Sew a 1”seam along the selvedge edge.
Trim off selvedges and press seam open.
2. Layer top, batting, and backing. Quilt in an all-over pattern. Note: quilt shown
was quilted with a variegated thread.
3. Cut fabric for binding into six 2 ¼”-wide strips. Sew together end-to-end and
press in half. Bind quilt. Note: in the quilt shown, extra
bits of leftover strip sets were cut into 2 ¼”-wide strips and randomly sewn into the binding strips.
Who can bear wasting any of the gorgeous fabric!

Do you have a Quilt or other Sewing Project made with Mary Jo's Cloth you would like to share with us? There is no time like the present, send us an email today, we always love to see what you are up too!