Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cool Fabric + Vision = Great Home Decor...

We have been learning so much about you, our "Fabric Community" on Pinterest and on your Blogs. So amazing to see all that you do with our cloth. This past spring we asked for "Fabric Feedback". We sure received an avalanche of replies. We are now seeing postings of the beautiful pieces that you are  creating.
Such a joy.
Today we are going to feature a fun blog and some inspiration for your home. We have noticed from our website sales that folks all around the country are loading up on colors and patterns that reflect nature. Sometimes our customers are using bright Jewel tones like Ruby Red and Canary Yellow with some big strokes of Chartreuse and Turquoise.
Others are using the quiet colors that are calm and reflective like Sea Glass, Taupe, Pale Corals with dashes of Bark Brown and the Palest of Icy Blues. It is a fun color world out there at the moment and we have most colors and patterns you may be looking for. We have been posting on Pinterest.
This is an easy way to keep track of the things you love online. Your own board will inspire you and remind you where to go to get the things you are looking for. On our Pinterest Mary Jo's Cloth Page, when you click on a fabric image it clicks to the page with the price and order info! We know you will love that. Feel free to re-pin from our page, we love to share the inspiration!

Now onto our featured Blog. A local gal, Emily, recently did a posting on her blog "Crisp Interiors", about fabric she recently purchased at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. She says was inspired by our yards and yards of fabric. (Who isn't) She also posted many great photos, which we have popped onto the Mary Jo's Pinterest Board. Life can be so sweet and easy!
 Thanks for the posting and great photos, Miss Emily. Much appreciated. Come back to the store, Mary Jo is usually around somewhere!

To all of you who responded top our request for feedback about the site, THANKS! If you have not yet given us your opinion, click on this link to read all about it! You can also send us an email with your constructive thoughts and solutions to make the website an easier way to shop!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Website & YOU...

To all of our Mary Jo Customers, we need your feedback. FAST! We are working on a new and improved website. We have been receiving emails and notes from you about this very subject. We have worked hard to post and keep our selection current. However the most common complaint is that the site is hard to navigate. What can we do that could streamline our site, make it more "User Friendly"?
Are the issues...
Fabric Navigation, is it hard to find what you are looking for?
Checkout, have you had issues with this feature?
Ask Mary Jo, has your experience been all that it could be?
We need to know. You are our customers, we wish to delight you. Not only with our thousands of yards of under priced fabric but also in your experience in purchasing our fabric online. It is important to send us constructive solution oriented responses, as this will help us to be the change you wish to see.
We are so proud to have such a large fabric community (YOU). Earlier this year we asked for your help in expanding our fabric lines. WOW. You were amazing. As many of you know we now are carrying many choices that were picked by YOU, our Fabric Community!
So here is the deal, please send us your feedback, via email. We are working very hard at updating and expanding and your suggestions will be taken into account. We WANT you to think of Mary Jo's Cloth Store, when you think of purchasing fabric. We also want your experience to be as easy and as smooth as possible.
Send us those emails NOW! There is no time like the present. Let us help to make a difference in your Fabric buying experience.
As always, we will continue to bring you the largest selection at the lowest prices.
Thanks in advance for your help. We could not do it with out you.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Facebook, Pinterest and YOU...

Did you know you can find other customers favorite pieces of Fabric by going to the Mary Jo's Cloth Page on Pinterest? How fun to see what is inspiring other folks and maybe you may want to do some "pinning" yourself! It is fun and easy and a great way to share your favorites on the Web.

We have been posting on Facebook for over a year. We ask for projects, feedback, we share your stories and specials that we have on the website and in the store. We also ask for your opinions on what colors and styles of fabric you want, need and covet. We are always delighted to see your postings and responses. It is a perfect way to keep in touch with our "Fabric" community. Thanks to all of you who share your thoughts, ideas and opinions. We consider all that you have to say and value your feedback.

 We recently asked for a call for projects on Facebook. Several of you responded. We are sharing two of our Fabric Community members who have Etsy Shops. They buy their fabric at Mary Jo's online and in the Store. These projects are darling and fun. In a word, our customers are creative and inspired.
We will feature a few more next week. If you would like to be considered, "Like" us on Facebook and post your project and web address so we can promote YOU!You can also send us an email with your info!

Eyeglass case
FatSheep Studios' Shop
Owl, Dove, Cat, Candy Corn and Cardinal patterns are designed by my daughter Kaitlan. They are completely original and were hand drawn by her. Quilt block patterns are mainly traditional patterns. I sew most items on a machine and quilt on a long arm machine I share with my sister. Often I have help from my twin sister, mom or my daughters with cutting, hand sewing and handwork due to limited use of my right hand.
Timing: Small orders can be completed and shipped within 7 to 10 days.
Gift Wrapping is available, please let me know in the Message to Seller box if you would like gift wrapping, and any messages on gift tags.

Housewarming GIft Fabric Coasters Set of 4 - Reversible with Storage Bag - Cute Monsters and Orange Flowers

Snugglymonkeyco's Shop 
Cute, colorful handmade accessories for home, work and play! From ID Badge Holders (aka Badge Reels) to Fabric Coasters and Baskets to Eye Pillows and Ouchie Pouches - you will find a wide assortment of items here. All Snuggly Monkey items are handmade in my smoke-free / pet-free home studio in Durham, North Carolina.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Colorful Cloth, Everywhere YOU Look...

 This is the summer of bright and vibrant color. Why? Maybe because as a country we have been in a tough way and COLOR makes us all feel more hopeful and cheerful. We believe folks who look at the positive side of things are happier, in general. (Not hard to understand!) Color can help us to be more cheerful and optimistic about our environment, the economy and life's situations.
At Mary Jo's Cloth, in the Store and on our Website, we have aisles and pages filled with Bright & Colorful choices. Were you thinking about some bright and cheerful fabric for new curtains? We have many patterns and colors to choose from. Some are even on SALE.   Please remember our Home Decor Department for the latest in trendy and classic styles of heavy weight Upholstery, Pillow and Comforter Fabrics. The selection will WOW your imagination, we promise! We recently have expanded this department adding bolts and bolts of wonderful choices. Do you want to stitch up some Sun Dresses or light cotton Skirts? We carry many styles of light weight colorful fabrics just right for your projects. Now is the time to click around online or pop into the store to see what we have to offer.

Are you a "friend" on Facebook? We post specials and shout outs often, so take a moment and click "LIKE" to stay in the Mary Jo loop of "What's Up, On Sale and Going On!"

We love to hear your thoughts and ideas about our Store, Your Projects and upcoming Shows. Drop us an email today. You could be the next featured article!