Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quilters Delight in Mary Jo's...

Editors Note: Wow, I have been online reading all of the kudos, tips and ideas from Mary Jo's customers. It is amazing. Folks have written about the store on Blogs, Quilting sites, Websites, Magazine sites and Recommended Shopping sites. I have included an interesting article from How much fun to read what everyone has to say. Do you have an interesting story, or visit or project to share? You can email me at I look forward to hearing from you. KDB

The article from "If you Quilt, Sew, Upholster, make Drapes, anything, Mary Jo's has Fabric for you. We are quilters and so he 100% cotton quilting fabric section is where you'll find us. This store must contain 7000 to 8000 bolts of just quilting fabrics and every bolt is different. (For quilters who have been to Hancock's in Paducah, KY I emphasize, at Mary Jo's Every Bolt is DIFFERENT). Doesn't mean they don't have more than one bolt of each fabric but they only display one. It you need or want more than is on the bolt, ASK. They've probably got more bolts in back.
Selection is tremendous. Great Theme Fabrics, many complementary fabrics. Their sale section alone normally has more fabric selections in it than lots of quilt stores carry in current stock.
Price is great. Mary Jo's apparently gets price breaks from the manufacturers. Either that or the volume is so high they can afford to make less per yard and still make a great income.
If we get within a couple hundred miles of Gastonia (which is about 30 minutes southwest of Charlotte, NC on I-85 and the shop is right at the exit) we try to figure out how to alter out trip route to get into Mary Jo's.
Plan on spending a good part of the day, particularly the first time you go and maybe even longer if you want to look at more than quilting fabrics. I don't think we ever get out of Mary Jo's in less than half a day and we always have a good size purchase of new fabric with us when we leave.
Of all the quilt shops we have been in on our travels and we've been in lots, this has to be Number 1!"

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Jeanette said...

I can't say loud enough how much I love the store and Mary Jo I love her availability on the floor while you are shopping and the best is to come there and get EVERYTHING you need for a project. I hate the fact it is 1 1/2 hour drive but I know it is a lot more for others who do a yearly trip. I come often but not often enough. Thanks Mary JO Jeanette Cummings Simpsonville SC 29681