Friday, August 8, 2008

Curtains and Drapes, the 411...

There is nothing as lovely as a breeze catching the edge of a curtain and watching the fabric billow around.

Window treatments have come along way over the years. What is available to us today is remarkable. The fabric manufacturer's have worked hard to bring us a wide variety of fabric styles, colors, prints and trims. Not to mention the actual materials that fabric is made from today, everything from Silks to Cottons as well as synthetics. The current popular look is simple clean and uncluttered. Many of the most popular design stores carry off the rack versions, however they can be pricey. At Mary Jo Cloth we have fabric that is a good heavy weight, beautiful, easy to work with and very affordable.

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A few tips for making your own drapes; Whatever the width of your window double that number, this will create a full and drapey look, important. Remember it is easier and less expensive to measure twice and cut once, also important. Another tip, research the different rods that are available, rods range from wrought iron to painted wood and even faux/imitation rods that mimic the real look at a fraction of the price. At Mary Jo's Cloth, in the store, we carry a wide selection of curtain rods and rings to hang your curtains.

If you are would like to learn more about making your own Drapes and Curtains you can log onto this DIY Curtain & Window Treatment site, you will learn loads of tips and tricks for sewing up the perfect window treatments. Have fun!

Do you have a great curtain project you would like to share with us? Please send me an email with a short description and a few photos.It would be great to share your story.

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