Friday, September 5, 2008

FABRIC- Your Designs & Mary Jo's Cloth...

JOY... in a word is what our customers feel about Mary Jo's Cloth. Since launching the new website and this companion Blog we have received many emails. Our customers are passionate about their fabric and what they do with it. We will be featuring their stories on a regular basis. We love to hear what our customers are doing with Mary Jo's Cloth, drop us a line today. The following article features one of our customers and her unique clothing design business.

Last week we received an email from a gal named Cherisse. She is a designer of children's clothing her firm is called Pick-A-Lily's. I went online and was amazed and inspired with the darling outfits she designs and creates everyday.

She writes "I was THRILLED when Mary Jo's went on-line because I don't leave my studio much during the day and buy most of my fabrics on-line. But I have been coming to Mary Jo's for 20 years or more. I find the help that I get on-line very attractive and they always respond to me quickly and help me with my questions. The prices, of course, are always the best you can find anywhere!!!

As far as finding what I want and need on-line....everyday there are more and more fabrics and trims added to the website and the more that appears there the better and easier it is for me.

As far as inspiration, that usually comes from the children themselves. I believe that children deserve to have a memorable childhood and that these pieces of art that I create actually add to that experience, especially when they go to Disney and on vacation, they feel happy in my clothing and people comment on me so much that it makes them smile and it makes their parents smile. I have a very loyal and growing clientele and LOVE what I do!!!"

I was amazed to see what she does with the patterns and colors of Mary Jo's Cloth that she uses.
Cherisse is a talent and we are so happy she is one of our longtime loyal customers.


Bachelor Paul said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, cute outfits on the little girl. Do you have a pattern for it? Congratulations on your new website!