Saturday, December 20, 2008

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Christmas week is upon us! We have been busy at the store and our family of employees are getting ready to take a few well deserved days to spend with their families. Did you know Mary Jo's Cloth Store is a "Family Business"? Yes, Mary Jo Cloninger started this mega fabric warehouse in 1949 with a dream to sell affordable cloth. This simple and far reaching vision is the foundation of all that you see today. Her three children who traveled with her as young children to buy the fabric that stocked her shelves while they were growing up, all have an active part in the business today. Some are there every day while others do what is needed but everyone pitches in like the family they are to get everything done.
This family takes cloth and the store very seriously.
Today Mary Jo's Cloth Store boasts over 33,000 square feet of space filled to full with fabric, trim, patterns and notions. It is a delight to take a walk in this vast space.
Piles of beautiful fabric can really get a girl to dreaming. Some days I love to study and experience the historic Calico section. This very collection has been sewn into costumes for the films "Cold Mountain" and "The Patriot" to name a few. The colors are rich and the patterns are so beautiful they always evoke a true sense of the past. In the Drapery and Upholstery section it is fun to dream up a cool Paisley couch or a simple Tweed pillow not to mention the possibilities for colorful companion draperies and window treatments. Did you know Interior Designers from all over the nation make the trip to Mary Jo's Cloth Store or log onto and order 20, 30 or more yards of fabrics for their projects all over the country?
Another favorite area of mine is our Bridal/Costume section.
This section boasts some of the dreamiest fabric in the store. Costume Designers who are designing stage productions such as of "Don Quioxte" or a children's production of "The Nutcracker Suite" come from as far away as San Diego! These designers often spend several days in the store to make their fabric choices. Mary Jo's also boasts an amazing quilting section and as you know those quilters often stop in, by the bus load! The Notions and Trim sections round out a perfect shopping experience. Where else can you go online or in person to receive such great selection and terrific prices. Mary Jo not only loves what she does everyday but she and her family try to make sure you love the experience of shopping at Mary Jo's for anything in the fabric world you may desire. A heartfelt Happy Holidays to you and your family, from Mary Jo, and her family.

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I really wish everyone a happy Christmas and may it be the best one ever! And thanks for telling us about the Mary Jo store man, looks good will go check it out sometime. :)