Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Million Yards Last Year...

Did you know that last year Mary Jo's Cloth Store sold over one million yards of Fabric? After you digest this fact, think about this, we often have remnants and over-runs that we offer for very low prices. Are you a quilter, designer, or costumer? Do you have a business making bears, purses, pillow, aprons, covered buttons, or ... the list goes on. The point is you can click around on our site and find major bargains. You can also stop by the store and poke around in the various remnant boxes that are scattered through-out the different departments. It is as fun as an Easter Egg hunt when you use this approach to finding all of the super bargains at Mary Jo's. Oh and the best part is you never know what you will find!

Mary Jo's Cloth receives new shipments daily. We have been stocking up the bridal, quilting and drapery/upholstery departments this past month. We have put together some of the best and latest colors and styles for your sewing pleasure.
I am always fascinated by the sheer volume that is available on the web or in the store at any given moment. I also continue to marvel at the amount of people that are shopping and the husbands who wait patiently for them to finish there "pilgrimage" to Mary Jo's Cloth Store.
Do yourself a favor take some time and click around on our sale section of the website. I know you will find something that is perfect for a current project or your click-able journey may even inspire you to start a new one!
Remember to send us photos of your past and current projects. We are always excited to share them on our blog and/or on the community page. Imagine, you could be the inspiration for other members of the "Mary Jo Cloth Community". Send us an email today.

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