Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rickrack and Ribbon...

One of my personal pleasures is walking through the Ribbon & Rickrack section at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. It is always a place to discover new colors, textures and design possibilities. With school starting it made me start to think about the shirts, skirts and blouses that have Ribbon and Rickrack embellishments. I also use these little beauties to tie together a flower arrangement, pretty up a package or

tie onto the handle of my scissors so I can easily hang them on a hook or knob. It is also fun to sew onto a tote or even a cloth purse, really nothing is safe! Ribbons made from fine satins, silks and cotton are always an inspiration, the color palette is endless. Take some time to noodle around on the internet, you will be inspired. Then take an afternoon and pop by the store to load up, the prices are great and the selection is divine.

Plain rickrack usually is made from a single color, and it has a dull or matte finish. Rickrack can also be made metallic, glossy, or variegated with strips or gradations of color.When I was a girl I remember that Rickrack was all the rage. Different thickness sewn onto shirt collars and cuffs were not only ultra chic but fun to wear. The colors were always bright and cheerful, ironing was the only draw-back. I used to sew them onto tote bags and doll clothes as well. It is a simple to stitch and it is always to great effect. I was on a cool blog recently, Knick Knacks & Ric Rac Hannah is a very inventive gal, she created really cool "Rickrack Dahlias" the instructions are on her blog!

Have fun with ribbon and rickrack, stop by the store and check it out. Remember we have many fine notions available online at

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Gone to Find Myself said...

Whenever I've visited your store, I have never heard that you offer classes. Even though I live west of Asheville, I would think that you would offer classes to the local people. Those little flowers are so cute and would make a fantastic idea for a class.
Suzanne Hendrix,