Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's Do The Polka, Dots That Is...

There is something to be said for that tried and true perennial favorite, Polka Dots. What is it that makes it such a favorite? The fact that it is not only fun but that it is also a classic. Think of the versatility of Polka Dot printed fabric. These dots are happily mixed with small printed florals, stripes as well as colored textured fabrics. The trick? Well that is fairly easy. Use colors that are nearly the same or contrasting and wow, you will have a cool finished project on your hands.
It is always a delight and a welcome surprise to see curtains that have a lining of polka dots. Another favorite is the fabric handbag: when you use the polka dots to create a contrasting inside lining it is a delight. These darling dots are also fun used as a lining on the insides of collars, and cuffs. They look great and will add an element of fun to a striped broadcloth shirt. Polka dots are a fun or even swanky choice for that perfect little cocktail dress. Using a rayon or silk fabric that has a black/navy background with cream or white dots can be an elegant interpretation of the polka dot pattern.
Polka Dots and Mini Florals are a popular pairing for those darling (and expensive) little girl dresses. You could have a blast with a pink and green themed outfit for your favorite young lady. Remember, dots are a great pattern for lining the inside of a tote bag. But here is the fun part, every time you drop something into your bag you will certainly be delighted by the sea of polka dots that greet you.
What can you do with this classic dotted beauty? Log onto the website today, we have 121 different types in Mary Jo's online Polka Dot Collection!
When you have finished a truly Polka Dottie Project, photograph it and send it to us. We may feature you on this blog our on our Community page.
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