Friday, October 30, 2009

Living In A Material World...

It is no trick at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. Simply put our prices are lower, our selection is better and our quality is top notch. We have been selling fabric since the mid 1900's we believe this makes us experts. Our 32,000 sq. ft of floor space gives us the ability to stock everything you may need for most any project you are working on. At Mary Jo's it is always a treat, whether you are shopping

at or enjoying an excursion to the store. We are always available to give you a hand, answer any questions and help you to find exactly what you are looking for, online or in the store. Thanks for your continued patronage, your notes, your thoughts and all of your input, we are listening and are always striving to not only be the best but remain your favorite cloth store.

This week a customer, Cindy Winter-Hartley, posted a blog article about her trip to Mary Jo's. We thought it would be fun to share with you.
"Living In The Material World and I Am A Material Girl"
I love fabric. Sometimes before I go to sleep at night, (and I share this without a hint of embarrassment or awkwardness), I will place different swatches on my bedroom carpet floor and imagine. As my mind unwinds from the day, I move the squares around and see the different patterns I can create. The Hubs will walk into the room and ask me, "What are you doing?" He doesn't get it as he just sees a junky mess. It's a fabric thing. And I have a ton of it. Yeah, I am a material girl. This past weekend, I journeyed to one of my favorite places. Mary Jo's in Gastonia. It is the promised land on earth for someone who finds fabric fascinating.
Thankfully Mary Jo's is conveniently located only an hour away from some of my favorite people on the earth. I have a large extended family in South Carolina and although they alone make the trip worthwhile , Mary Jo's is a must-stop on my emotional map. And I am equally blessed because I have two of the most awesome OS a girl could ever have usually traveling with me. The reason for their respective awesomeness is that is I have trained them on how to behave at Mary Jo's. (Click to Read More)

Wow, fun, Thanks so much Miss Cindy. We love that our customers are not only blogging about us, but sending us their articles and postings. Do you have a project, story or article? Take a moment and email us today. Thanks in advance.
Happy Sewing and a spooky Halloween to all!

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MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

You made me smile! Thanks for posting my post! I'm sewing a bunch of my material that I purchased from Mary Jo's so the timing was perfect! See you soonish!