Friday, October 30, 2009

Living In A Material World...

It is no trick at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. Simply put our prices are lower, our selection is better and our quality is top notch. We have been selling fabric since the mid 1900's we believe this makes us experts. Our 32,000 sq. ft of floor space gives us the ability to stock everything you may need for most any project you are working on. At Mary Jo's it is always a treat, whether you are shopping

at or enjoying an excursion to the store. We are always available to give you a hand, answer any questions and help you to find exactly what you are looking for, online or in the store. Thanks for your continued patronage, your notes, your thoughts and all of your input, we are listening and are always striving to not only be the best but remain your favorite cloth store.

This week a customer, Cindy Winter-Hartley, posted a blog article about her trip to Mary Jo's. We thought it would be fun to share with you.
"Living In The Material World and I Am A Material Girl"
I love fabric. Sometimes before I go to sleep at night, (and I share this without a hint of embarrassment or awkwardness), I will place different swatches on my bedroom carpet floor and imagine. As my mind unwinds from the day, I move the squares around and see the different patterns I can create. The Hubs will walk into the room and ask me, "What are you doing?" He doesn't get it as he just sees a junky mess. It's a fabric thing. And I have a ton of it. Yeah, I am a material girl. This past weekend, I journeyed to one of my favorite places. Mary Jo's in Gastonia. It is the promised land on earth for someone who finds fabric fascinating.
Thankfully Mary Jo's is conveniently located only an hour away from some of my favorite people on the earth. I have a large extended family in South Carolina and although they alone make the trip worthwhile , Mary Jo's is a must-stop on my emotional map. And I am equally blessed because I have two of the most awesome OS a girl could ever have usually traveling with me. The reason for their respective awesomeness is that is I have trained them on how to behave at Mary Jo's. (Click to Read More)

Wow, fun, Thanks so much Miss Cindy. We love that our customers are not only blogging about us, but sending us their articles and postings. Do you have a project, story or article? Take a moment and email us today. Thanks in advance.
Happy Sewing and a spooky Halloween to all!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cozy Up Your Home, One Room At A Time...

Autumn is the perfect time to re-think, re-do, re-paint and re-upholster. The holidays are, eeek, around the corner and guests will be arriving before you know it. A few weeks ago I was taking a creative stroll through the Upholstery and Drapery section here at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. I am always inspired and compelled to purchase fabric for a Chair, Pillow, Drapery or even a Tablecloth. The website has much of the stock posted and for sale online, all of the time! Paisley fabric is one of my all time favorites. I love the way it mixes easily with Antiques and the bolder more spare Paisley can add an elegant edge to a modern home as well. Mary Jo's has many Paisley's and Patterns, not just printed but actually woven, thread by thread. Some of these woven fabrics are available in wide widths and range in price for $12-25 per yard. However at a big chain these same fabrics would easily be double and sometimes even triple. Mary Jo always says that she, "Wants her customers to be able to afford terrific fabric for as little money as possible". She is true to her word.
I recently stitched up some simple floor to ceiling curtains for my living room. The fabric is a lovely woven paisley, in the most beautiful colors and the texture is sumptuous. This mixes well with other patterns and solids that were already in the room. (This fabric is truly heavenly, I love this fabric and it could also be used for a light jacket, Tote zBag, Table Cloth, Bedspread and well the list is endless, send me some of your clever ideas and I can feature them.)
In another room of the house I have used a wide range of paisley, solids and patterned fabric to create a cozy area, it is a perfect place to retreat and read a book. It was easy to create using just a few pillows, a throw, a simple bed-cover. I like the fact that it looks like an instant collection. An important tip I like to share is this, many patterns that have a color in common often time will work well together. Repeated color is the key to putting a room together, any room, all of the time.
Go ahead give it a try. Now take a moment and surf around on the website click onto the Drapery/Upholstery section for inspiration. If you are in Gastonia you can pop into the store and browse to your hearts content.
We are looking forward to hearing your comments and seeing photos of the rooms you will create in this pre-holiday season.
Oh, and for all of you "Crazy For Halloween" folks, we have fabric, trim and many other notions you will need to create the cutest, scariest, coolest, creepiest and most horrifying costumes ever. Log on or hurry in today!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn is Quilting Weather...

Chilly Autumn nights are here, so it must be time to start all of your holiday quilting projects.
There are so many different approaches to quilting but I think we would all agree that the most important is to be prepared. Cut once, measure twice, have all of your pieces ready in advance and of course a neat and tidy work area (well, we should all have something to aim for!). At Mary Jo’s Cloth Store we carry all of your old favorites and some great new fabrics in many patterns, colors and different holiday and seasonal themes. We even have some on our sale page and when you think about our low prices to start with, you know the sale price is dirt cheap.

Today we are featuring a master quilter, Anita Grossman Solomon who is the author of the popular books, Make It Simpler series “Paper Piecing” and “Perfect Blocks in Minutes”. She has also appeared on HGTV's "Simply Quilts". Anita has created a system that is easy, organized and can help you to create a perfect quilt, every time! Sounds like a dream? Don’t worry easy never sounded so good.
I was cruising around on her website and was impressed with the knowledge she so freely shares and easy links to purchase her books. This is what she had to say about “Paper Piecing”.
The following is an interview featured on
“Q: Congratulations, Anita! You're just written your first book, about a new pinless, "fold and sew" foundation technique you developed. How would you describe your technique to our readers?
A: It's simplified paper-piecing, but it's not paper piecing as you know it. It's sort of hand-piecing, with a sewing machine, over a paper foundation. An entire 6" block pattern is meant to be photocopied from the book onto translucent vellum. Most significantly, rather than cutting up the pattern into sub-units, it's scored instead along pre-printed lines.
Piece the block without sewing through allowances. Since you never cut the foundation apart, it doesn't have to be put back together. Just refold and sew the subunits together along the printed seam lines. Every intersection and point should be perfectly matched because they were never cut apart.

Anita's Faux Card Trick quilt. Can you believe each block was pieced on ONE foundation? Hint: Anita used squares, rectangles and triangles. Pieced by Anita and machine quilted and finished by Janice E. Petre of Sinking Spring, PA
Because of this new technique, it's possible to design and construct blocks in new ways. I've 'done' a Faux Card Trick that can be pieced, continuously, on one foundation. I've never seen the block done on less than three foundations.

Another block, Jan's Star (named for my fabulous C&T editor, Jan Grigsby) is an asymmetrical star ensconced in an attic window setting. It's unusual because the setting is formed when one of its two seams are sewn. A perfect 45 degree angle is created. It's uncanny.”
To read more of this interview click here..

Wow, so much more is on the site so take the time to log on to Anita's site and surf around to find some tricks that will make quilting easier and more efficient. Think about all of the quilts and smaller quilt project you could create between now and Christmas. Think about this, great gifts and cozy bedding just in time for cold, dark and rainy, snowy days.

Now is the time to get crackin’ on your upcoming projects so take a minute and log onto today. Better yet if you have time or are in Gastonia you could stop by and take a cruise through our 32,000 sq. ft store for not only inspiration but a rummage through the sale bins. We also have stacks and stacks of fat quarters just waiting to be turned into something absolutely fantastic.
Happy Holiday’s. Yes it is early, but not so far away.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fabric, Facebook, Our Blog and You...

Here At Mary Jo's Cloth Store we always have a great time putting together articles for our Sewing/Design blog. In the past 15 months we have covered everything from quilting to the latest in sewing trends as well as historic patterns and the history of fabric. We are always excited to share our Seasonal and Holiday Fabric Collections. We also delight in featuring special "crafty" sewing projects that are not only easy but beautiful and fun to do with fellow sewing friends. Sharing various quilt shows with our readers from around the country is always fun and interesting. We also love to feature our talented customers who have taken the time to send us their projects and their thoughts on fabric, sewing and the business of sewing. We are lucky to have so many readers in our Mary Jo Cloth Community who log on and read these articles. We thank-you.
So now, here is the deal, we would love some feed-back from you.
What would you like to learn more about? Do you have a business or hobby you would like to share with us? We would love nothing more than featuring you and your business or projects in an article on the blog or on our community page.
At Mary Jo's the more we know about you the better we can understand not only what you would be interested in learning more about, but also what your fabric needs are. So take a moment, send us an email and give us some good old fashioned friendly feedback.
Recently we have added weekly postings on Facebook. We post the current blog article, special announcements and fabric sales! It is easy to be a fan of Mary Jo's on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account it is super simple to sign-up for one and remember, chances are your friends, family and neighbors already have an account, so tap into the online community of Facebook and Mary Jo's Cloth Store. We look forward to hearing your comments, thoughts and feedback. Send an email today. Thanks in advance. KDB, Blog Editor.
Featured Sale Item: A fab Paisley in Autumn colors, it is only $3.50 per yard. At 54" I can imagine Curtains, Tablecloths or maybe even an elegant Duvet Cover. What will you create? You can locate this fabric by clicking on "Special Editions" (our code words for SALE) click to Items 73-90 it is featured in the center of the second row.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vote: Mary Jo's, "Seven Wonders of Gaston County"...

Hey, all you Mary Jo's Cloth Store Fans...
Our local newspaper "The Gaston Gazette" is creating a list (by way of an online vote ) for the "Seven Wonders of Gaston County". Mary Jo's is on the short list of choices, for one of the Seven Wonders! We are asking you to log onto the Gaston Gazette website and vote for Mary Jo's Cloth Store. We thank-you in advance.
Happy Sewing!