Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon, Grab Some Fabric & Make a Bed...

It has happened, the Dog Days of Summer are upon us. What better time then now, to cruise the sale page of the website and find some really beautiful fabric and stitch up a Dog Bed or two!
A gal from Massachusetts recently sent us an email, she is in love with the selection and prices of Mary Jo’s Cloth Store, she only shops on our website at maryjos.com.
Michelle Lessing is quite a talented seamstress/designer and she decided to stitch up a bed for each of her two beloved Labradors, Lilly and Abbie. They were a hit and she was hooked, she then decided to create a company that makes Dog Beds from fabric she buys at Mary Jo’s. (Our prices are so great on fabric that she can sell a well-made and very beautiful Dog Bed for only $125.00.) Check out her fine work on her website, www.lillyandabbiedogbeds.com you won’t be disappointed. It is so wonderful to see such creative businesses popping up using the fabric purchased from Maryjos.com

This what Michelle has to say about Maryjos.com:
I love, love, love your website and all the fabrics you offer. There is such a wide variety and the prices are incredible. I'm starting a custom dog bed business and I would love to use some of your fabrics! I appreciate that I don't have to buy a whole yard like most other sites. It ends up being a lot of money especially when you don't end up liking the fabric or it fades.
my website: www.lillyandabbiedogbeds.com
I look forward to hearing from you!

Miss Michelle, we have amazing picks on our sale page and in the Drapery/Upholstery sections of the website. These choices will delight you, good luck with your new endeavor, we are sure you will be a howling success.

By the way, we thought we would post this comment from one of our readers/customers, Ellen. She is a frequent Commenter on this blog. Remember we love to hear feedback, it helps us to bring you the kinds of articles that will inspire you to create the finest projects possible.
Ellen’s feedback:
Thank you! You are very sweet to mention me.....
I comment because I also write 2 blogs...not daily, but often enough to really appreciate how much work goes into every post.
I think you have many folks that read you regularly, but might be hesitant to comment....DON'T BE!
It is easy...just click on the word "comment" and it will take you to a screen that allows you to write about how much you enjoy this blog.....believe me bloggers LOVE comments.
Don't be afraid you will say something wrong, even complaints can be handled in a polite way.....that's all that is required, common courtesy. I encourage anyone who follows this blog to comment with me (that means you too mom!)
Smiles, Ellen.

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