Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red & White Quilts Take Center Stage...

The buzz around "The Red & White Show" is in print, on the web and television. This show was a BIG DEAL. Joanna S. Rose claims she is not a quilt "collector". But she is. She recently turned 80 and her darling husband decided to give her 651 Red & White Quilts a 6 day show at The Armory in NYC. This show was curated by the Folk Art Museum. The layout and presentation was stunning. The quilts, more so. A high society Red & White Gala kicked off this event and then the show was open to the public for 6 days with free admission. Wow. What a guy, what a gift and what a pleasure to see 651 quilts hung and displayed so artfully and lit so perfectly. Quite a production.
The visitors had much to say, "Just came back from the exhibit. Visually stunning. Felt like Alice in Wonderland wandering around the deck of cards!"
"An unbelievably gorgeous exhibition! I would never have thought there could be so much variation in such a simple color scheme; the graphic quality of the quilts is impressive and incredible."
"As a quilter and a person who appreciates art, it was amazing to see how these things blend so seamlessly together. Thank you to Ms. Rose.".

For inspiration click on any, or all of the following links. These are talented quilting bloggers and newspaper writers who waxed poetically not only about the show but also about the history and the fantastic possibilities of Red & White Quilts and this exhibit. All of these sites have many photos of the show. This will be a true inspiration for all of you quilters and for those of you who love beautiful pieces of art.
Folk Art Museum , Wall Street Journal, Pincushion Blog, Helen James Design, Blackbird Design, Repro Quilt Lover, and The Bohemian American.

This show was a wonderful tribute to the art of quilting, which is great for all of us who quilt, or aspire to quilt. Take a minute and Google, "Red & White Show New York", you will not only be inspired, we think you will be amazed. We certainly were.

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