Thursday, July 28, 2011

Steampunk Cool, Fabric Off The Rack & On The Wall...

Our Home Decor department is filled to full with incredibly beautiful and inexpensive fabric choices. Mary Jo's Cloth beats the prices of those "Chain Home Decor" shops. We have many of the patterns, weaves, weights and fabric manufacturers but here is the difference imagine paying 18-20 dollars per yard, instead of 38-45 dollars? The savings are substantial, the quality is top notch and the possibilities are endless. So if you are looking for some Drapery, Upholstery, Bedding, Pillow or Shade fabric, this collection is for you. Think of what you could do with the money you are going to save?

We are lucky to receive emails & photos of our customers imaginative creations. Just the other day our inbox had a clever project from a gal in Virginia.


How much financial and marital trouble would I be in if I lived in Charlotte? Being the crafty gal I am, I would say a LOT. Because I would live in Mary Jo's. So be very glad I'm a resident of Fredericksburg, Virginia as I'm sure no one would want to open up a store to find a squatter, no matter how charming the DIY tent was. Instead, I save my pennies for trips to see my parents so I can show up at Mary Jo's armed with a list and a ridiculous crafty vision that sometimes turns out to be something fabulous!Which brings me to my latest and greatest ridiculous scheme and wonderful Mary Jo's purchase. I thought I would share a few pictures. For three years we've been staring at a very large and empty wall in our living room trying to decide what the heck to do with it without spending a small fortune. Thanks so some AMAZING fabric I found in your fine establishment, my wall is no longer bare and my living room looks awesome. Well, at least I think it looks awesome which is great because I'm the one who lives here!

To read the how to and full story, one can check out my bloggy blog: anothercrafyday.

Thanks again for being so full of amazing prints. Mary Jo's is truly the place to find anything and everything and I can't wait to see you on my next trip!

Meghan A. Berney

Thanks Miss Meghan.
You must have so much fun with your creative home projects. Life is short, keep decorating and blogging!

Do you have a project to share? Quilts, Clothes, Costumes, Weddings, Parties, College Dorm Room or Home Decor? We would love to see what you are doing with all of your Mary Jo Cloth, please send us your projects. Happy Summer!

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