Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Happy Day, Quilt Day That Is...

Quilting is a longtime tradition in our culture. Modern quilters are inspired by nature, colors, prints, patterns and history. If you are a quilter you can hardly pass a pile of fabric and not think what your big imagination and sweet skill set could create. We recently had a call for quilters, and we had a great response. To all of you who submitted, know that you will see your quilt in upcoming articles. Thank-you for sharing, we love to see what all of you amazing quilters are up to! However today we are going to feature an organization that is all about giving the quilts they create.
They are the non-profit organization called Bright Hopes.
Here is their story...
Deborah Fischer had a dream, Quilt Giving.
Deborah’s Story: My mother, Eileen, taught me to sew on her portable (like an elephant is portable) Kenmore sewing machine when I was young. I have always loved to make things. Anything. But sewing was always one of my favorites. I sewed dolls, clothes, bags, but never a quilt. My mother was the one who made the quilts. Back then she cut the patterns out of sand paper, traced around them on the fabric, added the seam allowance, and then cut the pieces out with scissors. In 2002, Deborah writes “I was fortunate enough to be accepted for a 3 month artist residency in Wisconsin. I brought a quilt with me that was made by my husband’s aunt for our wedding. I was living in a strange town, in a strange house, with other artists I didn’t know. Putting that quilt on the bed made it feel like home. After doing a lot of thinking on the 17 hour drive home, I asked my mother, “Hey Mom, do you want to make some quilts to donate?” If putting our wedding quilt on a bed in Wisconsin could make it feel like home, then: What would happen if we made quilts for people who had no permanent home at all? Maybe a bright, beautiful quilt could give them a piece of home, a sense of place, to carry with them wherever they go. And so it went. My mother asked the nicest people she could find to join us. No sewing experience necessary, they just needed to be nice. And, since I had never made a quilt before, I fumpfed around, bought some quilting fabric, figured out how to use a rotary cutter, and started making one-of-a-kind quilt kits to be assembled by our fabulous members.”

If you would like to learn more or be inspired to give to your community,click and go to there is no time like the present. Some folks need a little extra in these hard times. Gather up some friends and start a group of givers in your town or city. Your community and the recipient of your loving work will be most appreciative. Be the change you would like to see. It starts with YOU. Thanks to Deborah Fischer for being a most inspiring Quilter and member of our Quilting community.

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