Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mary Jo Celebrates the BIG 80!!!

This week we have a lot to share. Did you know that on Monday we helped Mary Jo celebrate her 80th Birthday? Wow, where does the time go? Things in the fabric business have changed greatly over the years and Mary Jo is still around to tell the tale. Remember, she started Mary Jo's Cloth Store when she was a mere 18 years old! Her Cloth Store has grown tremendously over the years. We not only have a huge Retail and Mail order operation but in the past several years have added Online/Web shopping. We ship orders all over the world, every day. Want to know more about "The Cloth Queen"? The Gaston Gazzete did a fine article about Mary Jo recently, click here to read all about it.

Today we would also like to talk a bit about our shipping department. Anyone who has placed an order, may not know this, but it arrives at your door because of Beth Cobb and her crew of devoted workers. Beth heads up the Mail & Web Order Department. She is the gal who makes sure your order is not only filled properly but is billed and shipped. What a big job. Beth has been with Mary Jo's Cloth Store just over 20 years. Wow. She does a terrific job. We are always receiving notes, letters and kudos in general, directed to Beth and her "Mail Order" Department.
We would like to thank Beth and her crew of folks who make this department work like a well oiled piece of machinery. Thank you ladies.
Oh and on another shipping note we are extending our FREE SHIPPING for a bit longer. It won't last forever and it sure is an easy way to save some cash, so log onto the website and keep Beth busy, pulling an order just for you! She will be delighted, as always.

We recently received a nice note from our customer, Karen May, read on...
My adorable fabric came yesterday! The packaging worked; the outside was scuffed and slushy but it held up, especially with the inside bag.
I was amazed at the promptness of my delivery, I had to look at your address again because I thought you were local. If you have any more of this fabric I may purchase more, I have another project in mind.
I would be happy to post feedback at a public site for you, or you can use this. Thanks..good stuff!!

So there you have it. No driving, no waiting all you need to do is log onto anytime of the day or night and have yourself a good ol' time. It is always so much fun to find some great bargains and dream up some cool projects. Hmmm new Quilt? Drapes or slipcovers? Tablecloths or some new Throw Pillows? Dresses, Wedding Gowns and Dance Costumes. If you can dream it up, we more than likely have the fabric you have in mind and usually at an outstanding price.
Do you have a story or project to share? Now is the time. Send a photo and a brief description of your project. You may be featured in a future article.
All for now, enjoy these quiet winter days. Great weather for sewing, don't you think?

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JCnNC said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of Mary Jo - someone who has made a difference to so many. We share the same birth date, the 16th, and I feel so honored sharing this special day with her. I turned 71, and our generation knew the struggles of raising a family with limited income. Mary Jo's is a ministry of love and understanding. Judy C in NC