Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tangerine Dreams and Some News...

Great news. We have many new fabric lines to choose from! Thanks to ALL of you for your much appreciated emails and comments. We learned many interesting things from this experiment. Our customers are loyal, happy and delighted that we have such large selections of fabrics and we have managed to keep our prices below other fabric stores. We discovered some of you LOVE shopping at To all of you web shoppers, we are always working to improve and streamline the way our site works. Please check back often for new choices of Fabric that are added daily.
News from the store, as you may know we have undergone some recent changes and the response has been happy smiles and positive feedback.

We love hearing how all of you are using the fabrics from Mary Jo Cloth. Home Décor, Quilting, Craft Projects, Purses/Handbags, Costumes and Dressmaking. It is always a joy to see your “Projects” in the emails that you send to us.
We love nothing more than featuring you and your projects on our blog. So please send an email today with a few lines about your project, a couple of photos and if you have a blog or a website please include the www.address!

Today we are going to talk about the hottest spring color, Tangerine! We are seeing it in Clothing, Accessories and certainly in Home Décor. Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and Target are just a few of the stores where Tangerine is the dominate color this spring.
You do not have to pay those big store prices if you are you looking at Pillows or Chairs, Curtains, Tablecloths or Slipcovers? At Mary Jo’s you can pick up some springtime inspiration for as little as 6.99 per yard. Think about it, a typical couch takes about 10 yards of Fabric, a pillow, depending on the size, a yard or less. Curtains, now there is a super easy project that can change a room in a moment. Tablecloths, inside or out, like a magician you can actually change the flavor of a space in an afternoon! No worries, we have all of the Tangerine fabric you will need, we have you covered.

Log on to our Upholstery Section, you will be delighted and inspired.
Have a wonderful spring day.

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