Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank-You & FREE Shipping...

We have been so busy at the store. We are gearing up for the holidays and 2013! This has been a wonderful year. Thanks to ALL of YOU! We so appreciate your letters, emails, comments and patronage. We are looking forward to celebrating our 62nd year! Yes, this is a wonderful thing.

We understand that there has been some talk of our Store Closing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pop into the store any day of the week, we are busy. Everyday UPS is bringing in Fabric and Notions and whatnot, then picking up orders that are being shipped to your doorstep!
We plan on being here a good long time.

Starting December 1st, you will enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Simple and easy, this is our annual gift to all of you.  We are still working on our website re-design. We also continue to bring in fabrics that are fresh and you will always pay less than other fabric stores. But if you have shopped with us for anytime at all, you know this!

Lastly we have Blankets on the way. Obama Blankets, a special order that should be here by mid-December. These blankets are only 16.99! We are taking early orders so don't get left out in the cold, order one or more today. A perfect holiday gift.

Again, thanks. Keep those emails coming, we always are interested in sharing your stories, projects, etsy stores and experiences of shopping here at the fabled, fabric mecca, Mary Jo's Cloth Store.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!.....smiles