Monday, May 20, 2013

Trash to Treasure...

 Have you visited our Upholstery Fabric page at We have a great selection of fabric that can cost sometimes 4 times as much at other stores that specialize in Home Decor! Are you looking for a pattern to recover a footstool that you bought at a Tag sale or Antique Store or maybe you just want to recover a tired stool that has been in your Living Room just a bit too long!
We have Paisley, Ikat, Brocades and Jacquards along with some very sophisticated wonderful heavy duty Velvets. Our Home Dec department is truly a wonderful thing.
Step 1: Cut off the existing material.

We find many of our inspired projects online. We stumbled on an interesting Home Design Blog written by Carrie Teal who lives in Ohio. Her blog, Expressive Style is filled with wonderful projects and today we are featuring her article on recovering a stool. Recovering a Footstool is super simple and the visual directions are easy to understand. You will need only these basic items, some Fabric, Trim, Scissors, a Staple Gun and some fresh Batting if you need it! That is it! Easy-Peasy. Log onto our Mary Jo's Cloth Pinterest page to see some cool fabrics that are just right for this project! Now go and have some fun! Oh and remember 5% off of ALL web sales and a fixed shipping price of 7.99 no matter the size of the order.
Thanks for shopping Mary Jo's Cloth Store.
Step 2: Spread out your material and then cut accordingly.

Step 4: Leave the corners to do last. You will need to trim the excess material off the corners.
Step 5: Gather the material and pull tight. You will have some gathering, but that will be expected. Complete each of the four corners.
This is a finished corner. The decorative trim will cover your staples and any excess below the staple.

This is a picture of the decorative trim. This was sold  in 4 yard rolls.
  I love this stool in my living room.

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