Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Sewing Trends for Home and Fashion...

Did you know that Home Sewing is having a renaissance? Why? They say the downturn in the economy has been one of the major factors. Consider the internet with all of the "EyeCandy" on sites like  Pinterest and Google Images, it is truly hard to resist! Etsy is a also great site to peruse for new ideas. It is hard not to catch the "Sewing Bug", with all of this inspiration that is sitting on our Desktops. Seriously amazing work and talent going on in our Sewing World today! One popular Sewing trend in Home and Fashion design is, Pattern Mixing! 

 On the Fashion end, we are loving the lighter weight fabrics of patterned Skirts & Dresses, paired with stripes or splashes of color and a crazy scarf, it is the continuim of color that holds this look together.

This trend is also being talked up by Interior Designers. Kristin for the "Hunted Interior" has an interesting Blog and this is what she has to say about Pattern Mixing.
 "Happy fabulous day, wonderful friends! The super duper Kristin from The Hunted Interior is back today, to tell us all about her take on mixing patterns. ;} So without further ado…

I am pattern obsessed.  I have never been scared to mix a print with another print, a stripe with a dot, a floral with an ikat… all I can say is “Bring It!”  Prints and Patterns can bring a room to life whether they are colorful or tonal.  They add interest. While I am not the least bit fearful about getting all crazy with fabrics, I know that a lot of you are a tad timid in this area.  I have come up with an equation of sorts that always seems to work when mixing patterns.  It works with modern to traditional prints & everything in between.  And the best part… you only have to remember three things.  That’s right, only three!

G E O M E T R I C    +    O R G A N I C   +   S M A L L  S C A L E

Really.  That’s it.  If you follow those three rules you will always have a cohesive look.  And you can always mix and match if you only want to include two patterns instead of three." We like her advice and thought it would be fun to share it with you.
Another  classic "mixed pattern" look is pairing Florals with Stripes (the Engish have been doing this for years!) For some wonderful Inspiration and Eye Candy, click onto these sites,
or then click onto and have a field day.

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