Monday, October 28, 2013

Tailored Linen Table Runner

Turkey, gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, table décor…. 


Don’t worry!  You still have time to make beautiful linens for your holiday table.

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Create the perfect look for your dining table from the wide variety of fabrics available at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store.  Turn your table into an elegant affair with velvet, silk and fringe or create a fun, conversation-starter by using quilt fabrics printed with just about theme from food to football.

One of the most popular trends in home décor is to use burlap or linen for table linens.  The woven texture and solid colors give a neutral background for dishes, candles and floral designs. Add antique china and it’s romantic,  pottery and wooden bowls it’s natural and earthy or set the table with square, white plates and platters and it will be chic and modern.

Above is a little inspiration we found online at
Here is a simple table runner that you can create with linen, or a linen blend fabric. It features a box pleated ruffle with button details that you will enjoy all year long, not just at Thanksgiving. Use this to decorate your dinning table or buffet, with our without a tablecloth.

Sewing step-by-step:
Measure across your table and add 8 inches.  This is the length you will cut the main piece of the table runner by 16 inches wide (includes seam and hem allowances). 

For the pleated ruffle on each end, cut two pieces 26 inches by 8 inches. 

 1. Sew a doubled ½ inch hem along the edge of one long side and both short sides of the ruffle pieces. 

 2. To create the pleats, fold under 2” on each end and press. Then mark the center and measure 4 inches from the center on each side and fold the fabric to meet in the center, creating a box pleat and press. The ruffle will be 12 inches across.  

3. Place the ruffle pieces face down and centered on each end and pin in place.  Fold the extra fabric on each side over, and then back and pin in place.  
4. Sew the ruffle to the table runner and then serge the raw edges.  
5. Turn the ruffles right sides out and press.  Fold a doubled 1-inch hem down each side of the table runner and sew. 
6. Make 4 covered buttons (or use purchased pearl or wooden buttons) and sew to the center of the pleat on each end.  

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