Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Countdown to Christmas: Custom Tree Skirt DIY

How-to make a Christmas tree skirt with Pompom trim

Do you put up a Christmas tree over the long Thanksgiving weekend?  It’s fun to unwrap all the decorations and dress the tree but it isn’t completely “dressed” without a skirt! There is still time to make a beautiful, custom skirt to match your theme or colors for this year.

The skirt shown here is embellished with a cute pompom fringe, which is sewn-on, but there are hundreds of ideas for decorating your tree skirt.  You will find everything you need at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store to make a one-of-a-kind keepsake! Imagine making a tree skirt with ruffles, sequins, lace felt letters, ribbon or braid.

1 ½ yards fabric and 1½ yards lining (54 to 60 inch wide)
5 yards of trim
5 yards of ¼ inch diameter welt cord

Step 1: Cut the fabric into as big of a circle as the fabric allows.  To mark the circle, fold the fabric into quarters and draw an arc, measuring from the center out to the edges, one half of the finished size. Cut along the line to create a circle of fabric. 

Step 2: Clip a small notch along the outer edge at each fold, creating quarter marks. 

Step 3: Cut along one of the folds from the edge to the center.  
Step 4:  Unfold the circle of fabric.  Draw and cut a circle in the center.  This is for the tree trunk.  For an artificial tree cut a 5 to 6 inch diameter circle.  For a live tree you may need to make it larger, depending on the size of the tree.  
Step 5: Place the circle of fabric face down on the lining fabric.  Smooth it out evenly and cut the lining to match the face fabric, including the notches cut in Step 1. 
Step 6: Cut strips of fabric for the welt cord using the scrap fabric leftover from cutting out the circle.  Cut on the bias, and wide enough to cover the cord plus 1 inch for seam allowances. Sew together the strips and cover the cord.  (Adding welt cord is optional; if no welt cord is used skip to step 8).  
Step 7:  Apply covered welt cord by sewing to the face side along the outer edge and inner circle of the tree skirt.  

Step 8: Sew the pompom fringe on the face, inset above the welt cord along the outer edge.  

Step 9: Pin together the front and back pieces, lining up the quarter-notches and center circle.  
Step 10: Sew around all edges, leaving a small opening along the outer edge for turning.  Clip corners, and the seams if needed, and turn right sides out.  Press the edges and over the entire tree skirt with an iron.  Close the opening by hand stitching, or by using an iron-on bonding tape.   

Your tree skirt is finished!  Place on the floor at the base of your tree, wrapping around the trunk until it overlaps in the back.  Upload your handmade tree skirt to our Facebook page and share your DIY creation!

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