Monday, December 16, 2013

Geometric Ribbon Pillows

Have you seen the wall of ribbon at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store?  It is amazing! This is where you will find satin, grosgrain, velvet, printed, lace and sheer ribbons, plus ric-rac, sequins and other decorative trims.

Ribbon has so many uses!  You can tie ribbon around a jelly jar, use to hang pictures or ornaments, sew to hems in skirts or pants, make hair bows, decorate presents, use to make necklaces, tie-back curtains and much more.

Ribbon makes a wonderful trim for your home decorating projects.  The pillows below were created with cotton fabrics and colorful grosgrain ribbon.

Here are the steps to make geometric ribbon pillows:

Start by cutting the front and back pieces to the size needed (adding for seam allowances).  Apply blue painter’s tape to the front piece of the pillow; inset the distance you would like the ribbon to be.  This will give you a nice line to follow. 
Place the ribbon along the inside of the tape, folding a miter at each corner and pin.  A 7/8” wide ribbon was used for this pillow. 
Continue around the pillow, creating a geometric design.  You can make the pillow as simple, or complex as you would like.  When you have finished pinning the ribbon in place, you can remove the tape.
Add more color by weaving a second color ribbon into the design.   This gets a little tricky!  Pin the ribbon in place and hide the beginning and end under a solid piece of ribbon. 
For the smaller, rectangular pillow only one color ribbon was used, with a less complicated design.
Sew carefully along each side of the ribbon using a matching thread. Sew the front and back pieces of the pillow together. 

You can add an invisible zipper at the bottom or hand-sew closed after adding the pillow form.

The finished pillows are colorful and trendy!  Stop by Mary Jo’s today to see all the ribbons and fabrics that you can use to make your own geometric ribbon pillows.

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