Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No Sew Fleece Blanket

By Jenny T 
Simple Sewing Projects 

The finished dimensions of this fleece blanket are 48″ x 58″ which includes the 5″ fringe on all sides. 

Gather your supplies: 
(2) 48″ x 58″ rectangles of fleece. Choose a fun pattern for one side and a solid color for the other side. Or choose 2 solid colors. Choose whatever you’d like! 

Editor’s Note: 
You can make your fleece blanket any size you want. Use the dimensions here as a guideline… but you can make it longer, wider, smaller… whatever! 

Sharp fabric shears or a rotary cutter 

Straight edge and measuring tape 

Lay the 2 pieces of flannel wrong sides together, aligning the edges and smoothing flat. 

Cut out a 5″ square from each corner. 

Cut in 5″ from the outside edges every 1″. Your edges will look like fringe.

Tie each set of 1″ strips into knots. 

Curl up and stay warm!
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Happy No-Sewing! 
 Jenny T.

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Suhrawady said...

Great tutorial with the graphical instructions. Thanks!!