Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pretty Purse Tissue Pack

 This pretty tissue pack cover is so much fun, you will want to make a few for yourself and a few more to share with friends or family.  We used a cute cotton polka-dot fabric, which is bright and cheerful.

Are you planning a wedding?  Make a tissue pack cover for each of your bridesmaids and the mothers, using scraps of fabric from the dresses or wedding decor – you know somebody will need tissues! 


1. Cut two pieces of fabric 6 inches x 7 inches.  Cut two pieces of narrow elastic 3 inches.  Along one of the short sides, on one piece of fabric, secure the elastic (folded to form a loop) inset 2 inches from each end.  Use painters tape to old the elastic loop in place.  

2. Place the two pieced of fabric face to face and sew along the short sides using a ¼-inch seam allowance.  Backstitch over the elastic pieces, to make sure they are sewn securely.  Turn right sides out and press with an iron.

3. Topstitch along each sewn edge, inset ¼-inch from the edges.  Fold the sewn edges together, meeting in the middle and pin each end to hold in place. 

4. Sew across the end using a ¼-inch seam allowance.

5. Flatten out each end and mark 1/2inch from each corner and pin to hold in place.

6. Sew each corner, keeping the seam allowance facing in the same direction.  This will create a box shape. 

7. Turn right sides out and sew a button opposite each loop of elastic. Insert tissues and loop the elastic around the buttons. 

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