Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rustic Chic Burlap and Lace

Are you planning a party or wedding reception?   We love the look of tables dressed with runners made from burlap and lace.  It’s the perfect backdrop for china, glass and antique silver.   This is an easier sewing project than you might think!

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At Mary Jo’s Cloth Store you can purchase pre-cut burlap 18 inches wide, the perfect size for table runners.  The edges are finished with a serged seam.  This saves so much time!

Begin by measuring your tables and adding at least 12 inches to the length.  This will allow the runners to fall over the ends 6 inches on each side.  Or plan on a longer length for more drama, making them to the floor if you like!

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Do keep in mind that if the table runners fall over the table edge where someone will be seated, a shorter length or ending on the tabletop is a good idea because burlap can shed. I don’t want guests in black pants or dresses to unknowingly wear burlap fuzz.

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After you know the finished length, purchase enough lace and burlap for each table.  There so many choices!  Look in the trims and bridal departments at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store for you need.

Cut the burlap and lace to the length needed.  Finish the cut edges of the burlap by serging, sewing with a straight stitch.  Pin the lace to the burlap pieces and sew using a straight and with your set for a large stitch length.

Your burlap and lace table runners are now ready to use!  We hope you have been inspired make table runners like this for your next event.  Please share photos!

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