Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Meet Patrick, Mary Jo’s Sewing Machine Technician!

We are so excited to introduce our amazing sewing machine technician, Patrick McDougal! Patrick is our most recent addition to the Mary Jo’s family and our first ever sewing machine technician. Although he’s been with us for a while now, we felt a proper introduction was in order! Some of you have already come to love Patrick, as he is a sewing machine genius. Actually, we call him the “Machine Whisperer!”

Born and raised in Charleston, SC, Patrick grew up working with his best friend’s family in their sewing machine shop after school and in the summer for a little extra money. To no surprise, the time he spent working at the shop gave him the experience necessary to become an expert sewing machine technician, and our sewing machine savior!

Other than sewing machine repairs, Patrick’s passion is music. A professional bluegrass musician, Patrick is an accomplished banjo player and singer / songwriter. He has worked with several famous groups and written songs for recording musicians, including popular bluegrass band, The Dillards, whose music was featured on the Andy Griffith Show.

We are so excited to welcome such an incredible technician to our team!

“I love the environment at Mary Jo’s,” said Patrick. “Everyone is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the customers are the best. I love to give them back their machine in beautifully working order and watch their faces light up!”

The next time your machine starts to get a little temperamental, Patrick is your go to guy! If you have any questions or concerns with your machine, don’t hesitate bring it in for a little TLC at Mary Jo’s!


Brini said...

Very nice to meet Patrick! Although I haven't needed a repair yet I know I will definitely be looking for him when the time comes.

Ann Neel said...

When is he there?
Can he fix my machine while I wait? Or do I have to leave it?
- in Charlotte

John Carter said...

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