Monday, December 28, 2015

Celebrating 65 Years at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store!

Mary Jo’s Cloth Store was founded in 1951 by a young lady with a simple dream to own her own cloth shop. Now, 65 years later, we are celebrating the journey of the South’s Fabric Queen (Mary Jo) in conjunction with her 84th birthday! January 16, 2016 marks Mary Jo’s Cloth Store’s 65th Anniversary, and we have tons of fun events and offers in the works to celebrate Mary Jo’s favorite people, her customers, that day!

Mary Jo’s Cloth Store Memories

In honor of 65 years, we are looking to find videos, pictures and stories our customers have about their times at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store. With 65 years of history behind us, we know there have to be a few good ones! Did your mother purchase the fabric for all of your back to school clothes from Mary Jo’s or did you spend hours upon hours contemplating the perfect lace for your wedding dress in our store with your closest friends? Do you have an adorable picture of your grandson asleep in his stroller at Mary Jo’s? Then you’re exactly who we are looking for!

Ready to be a part of Mary Jo’s history? 

Share your videos, pictures or stories with us on Facebook by January 8th and we’ll feature them on the TV’s in our store during our 65th Anniversary Celebration on January 16! After the celebration, we’ll add your submissions to our blog for a permanent online feature!


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Sew Let's Dance!! said...

Kristine Fisher I have been going to Mary Jo's Cloth Store for more than 20 years for costumes. One time, while checking out, the woman behind me overheard me talking and asked how long I had been coming to the store. I couldn't remember, but the lady at the register blurted out I'd been coming there for 16 years!! Glad someone remembered! Another time, I had been in the store continuously for a couple of weeks making big purchases for an opera. One night I ran in and only put one zipper on the counter. The woman who was checking me out gave me a shocked look and said' "is that it!?" I said sorry, that's all I needed, I was making something for me, We both laughed. I used to like to walk in and say things like "Hi honey, I'm home!" or "Hi honey, did you miss me?"

Sherrie Rich said...

My daughter was a cheerleader from the time she could walk. The high school provided uniforms, but they did not fit my growing teen. Mary Jo personally helped me purchase fabric, with explicit instructions that if my seamstress was worth her salt, that 1/4 yard of extra fabric I intended to buy would not be necessary! Then Mary Jo advised washing the completed polyester uniform so that it would not look 'new'. My daughter blended perfectly with the squad, thus surviving another obstacle on her way to becoming the accomplished adult she is today. I am forever grateful!
Sherrie L Rich
Shelby NC

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