Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DIY Scrap Fabric Wreath

From Christmas Scraps to Spring Sensation

Fabric Wreath whol.jpg
Do you have a ton of extra fabric laying around? We have the PERFECT idea for you... a fabric wreath! This is an excellent way to celebrate the ever-so-near spring season and an excellent project to do with the kids - no needle or thread involved! 

What You’ll Need

Fabric wreath tools.JPG
  • Fabric shears
  • Pieces of fabric
  • Wire wreath frame with multiple circular hoops (12”-18” in diameter frames, easily found at your local craft store)
  • "Extras" to embellish your wreath (small items to sew or hot glue onto the wreath)

Step 1 - Cut Your Fabric

Cut Fabric.jpg
First, cut fabric into 1” x 6” strips and organize them by pattern. The sizing does not have to be precise, just remember the thicker the pieces, the fuller the wreath. (Beware! If you cut the pieces too thick or short you’ll have trouble tying them - your fingers might grow little mouths and start to yell, “Why would you do this to us?!’).

Step Two - Knot Your Fabric

Knot fabric.jpg
After your fabric is cut, begin tying the strips in simple knots around the wired frame. As you tie, keep the knots close together and bring all the fabric forward so that one side of the wreath is all fabric, while the other is just the knots. Continue this process around the frame until it’s completely full! 

Tips: Alternate colors and patterns for a more vibrant look and remember, the tighter the bunches, the fuller the wreath! 

Step Three - Add Your Extras 

wreath with added pieces.jpg
You can get creative with this part! Add your extra little pieces with needle and thread, hot glue or thin wire. 

Step Four - Hang Your Wreath

hang wreath.jpg
Just like that you are done! We hope this gives you a fun project to do as the weather soon transitions into spring! 

Make sure to show us your wreath by tagging #MJFabricWreath on Facebook or Twitter! Happy crafting!


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