Friday, October 24, 2008

Color, Fabric & Your HOME...

"There is no place like home", Dorothy Gale reminds us in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz.
What did she mean by that? I believe she meant that a home should be filled with all that you love. Starting with the people, the ones you live with and the special ones who visit. Almost as important are the colors and objects you choose to surround yourself with. Making conscious choices is the key to comfort and happiness. What colors make you happy and say home to you? Many colors have a calming effect, while others can make you excited or even hungry. Colors bring with them, statement making personalities. When you are thinking of re-doing a room in your home the considerations are simple. How will you use that room and what kind of mood would you like to set? Fabric and paint are your two easiest tools to use to change a room. We are going to talk about fabric. Will you be making curtains or drapes that cover a large window and a part of your wall?
Have you considered covering a large bulletin board with fabric and hanging on a prominent wall to make a statement? How about a beautiful slipcover for a careworn sofa or chair? One of my all time favorite decorating tricks, and just takes a moment to accomplish, a luxurious, to the floor with fabulous trim table cloth? Nothing makes a more elegant and instant statement. The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching and we know money can be a bit tight this time of year. At Mary Jo's we have Silks, Brocades and Tapestries, not to mention amazing patterns and heavy weighted solids, at prices that are surprisingly low. Imagine this, our starting prices can be as low as 10.99 a yard! WOW talk about a bang for your buck. Remember you can save on gas by shopping online.
You may want to think about buying a bit of extra fabric to make some beautiful napkins, cover a lampshade or even make a runner to go on a credenza. Don't forget the power of pillows, again very inexpensive for the overall fresh and sometimes dramatic effect upon a room. Pillows are fun because you can be super creative by adding fun trims and playing with contrasting fabrics.
So this holiday season a goal may be not only to have more people you adore to grace your doorstep but also to do a few impactful projects. This can make a difference in not only how your home looks but how you feel about it.
Log on to our website for the newest and most beautiful selection of fabrics in textures, patterns and colors you are going to fall madly in love with!

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