Friday, January 9, 2009

50 Bolts & Counting...

Another fab week at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. We have been packed with folks who have many ambitious projects for the new year. We also have new cloth coming in everyday, fun, fun, fun. This week we received a note from a longtime customer, a quilter who lives far away but is addicted to Mary Jo's Cloth. Who can blame her? Walking around our store which is filled with possibilities can be some heady stuff and usually irresistible!

The Story...
A “few” years ago friends told us about Mary Jo’s and gave us advice on how to shop there. They told us to go in, look around, leave and have lunch and then come back and buy fabric! I was frantically searching for yellows and greens for a charm quilt and at least one other quilt in the “Colors of My Life” series.
Finding a great variety in those colors was not easy in other stores at that time.
I was so excited when I saw your wonderful selection of yellows and yellow greens I forgot I wasn’t supposed to start buying yet!
After I piled about 50 bolts on the counter I kept someone busy cutting quarter yards of each.
I paid for my fabrics and the lovely check out lady said “Y’all come back now!”
We had lunch and came back. This time I found a few more yellows and greens and also bought yardage of many fabrics I fell in love with. Checked out again and was told this time again “Y’all come back now.”
We put our purchases in the car and decided we had better come back now as we lived over a thousand miles away. Came back and found more things we couldn’t live without.
Shopping at Mary Jo’s was a truly memorable experience..
The happy ending to this story is I have finished 20 quilts in the "Colors of My Life" series.
They will be part of my solo show at the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha, WI opening January 25th, 2009.
If you would like to check out her work log onto her blog or visit the Art Center online.
Good luck with your show Kay and keep creating your beautiful quilts you make the world a richer place.
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Tiff said...

I used to live near the store and would love to spend hours there. Now I have to plan my trips as you guys are now two hours away. But it's so much fun going with a friend!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.