Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Cold? Snuggle IN...

Holy smokes it is cold out there. It was a balmy 16 degrees in Uptown Charlotte this morning, Brrrr.... we might as well be living up in Maine on the Tundra! When it gets this cold I like to make soup, think of warmer days and dream up new projects. I know many of you are the same way. This cold weather got me to thinking about all of the amazing fabric Mary Jo has in the store and online to create new cozy, colorful and even sophisticated Bedspreads, Throws and Quilted Blankets. Right now the selection is plentiful and the colors and patterns are just yummy.
An ultra cold day like today makes me pine for Daffodils, Bunnies, Pansies and the sounds of little Birdies in the trees. Yes, Spring! It is not too far off, thank heavens.

So let's get back to fabric for "Bedding". I was looking at a nice collection of pre-quilted solids that could work nicely as backing for a richly colored Tapestry or Paisley pattern.
Some of the fabrics are not just printed on cloth but are different colored threads woven together to form the textures and patterns. Projects made from this fabric can quickly become a family heirloom. I love the Paisley selection at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. She stocks colors ranging from Deep Bright Blues to Oranges as well as quiet Taupes, Grays, and Icy Blues. Did you know that Paisley's have been popular since the 1600's and are ever bit as modern and popular today. Funny thing about good classic design, it never goes out of style! The patterns used in Paisley fabric are inspired by nature, the swirl patterns of leaves and flowers primarily. When you get tired of the pattern or color you could pass it on to a friend or family member or just stick it in the linen closet for a while and pull it out in a few years. Paisley is not only sophisticated and lovely, it is a piece of history!
So be thinking about your next winter project, Mary Jo's has everything you need to keep you sewing, creating and having a good time.
By the way.... I NEED you to send me your projects. We have thousands of people online and in our store every week, we know you are out there, don't be shy, share your beautiful projects with the larger sewing community at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. Send us an email, tell us about your projects and sewing tips. We are eager to post it on the Community Page and feature your project here on our blog, it is time to share your talents.
Life is short, be adventurous, show us your stuff!

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