Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quilting:Colors, Selection and Shows...

Quilt shows. They are held almost every week somewhere in America!
At Mary Jo’s we have a core group of quilters who come to us for not only amazing prices but a selection that they call “the mecca” for quilting fabric. We carry historic prints, as well as all of the modern and contemporary designs you may be looking for.

When Mary Jo set out to create the quilting areas in the stores she was fastidious in her approach. All fabric is displayed in colorways, and then broken down into specifics; Historic, Veggies, Animals, Nature ect. Not only does she make it easy for her shoppers to find what they need but her approach is inspiring. To look at 32,000 sq. ft totally organized by color, print and function makes for an easier approach to such a large store. Shopping online is easy as well. We have thumbnails of all fabrics available online. But did you know if you are looking for something specific you can send a photo into “Ask Mary Jo” and within a few days a member of our staff will get back to you with the answer you are looking for.
Remember at the store we also have many notions and an interesting selection of “Fat Quarters” for all of your quilting and sewing needs. Pop by the store or log on today to get inspired or to pick up the last bit of what you may need to finish or start your quilting projects. Remember send us photos and letters, we want to know what you are up to and we would love to feature you on this blog and/or our Community Page.

If you are interested in any of the following quilt shows, just google the title and date.
Umpqua Valley Quilter's Guild 26th Show - April 17-18 2009
Chicago's International Quilt Festival - April 17-19 2009
Paducah's AQS Quilt Show & Contest KY - April 22-25 2009
Denver National Quilt Festival - April 30 - May 3 2009
Home Machine Quilting Show - May 7-9 2009
International Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh - May 15-17 2009Alabama's Festival of Quilts - June 5-7 2009
New York's Seasons of the Adirondacks Quilt Show - June 6-7 2009
Arizona's Strawberry Patches Quilt Show - June 12-14 2009
Ohio's NQA Columbus Quilt Show - June 18-20 2009
Tennessee's Mountain Memories Quilt Show - June 19-20 2009
Cincinnati's Original Creative Festival - June 25-27 2009
Denver's Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival - July 9-11 2009
Knoxville's AQS Quilt Expo - July 22-25 2009
Quilt Nebraska - July 24-26 2009
International Quilt Festival in Long Beach - July 24-26 2009
Reno's Original Creative Festival - July 30 - Aug. 1 2009
New Hampshire World Quilt Show - August 13-16 2009
Loveland's Rocky Mountain Quilt Show - Aug. 22-23 2009
Madison's Quilt Expo - Sept. 10-12 2009
Yellowstone's Quilt Fest - Sept. 11-13 2009
Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza - Sept. 17-20 2009
Indiana Rose Quilt Show - Oct. 3-4 2009
California Pacific International Quilt Festival - Oct. 15-18 2009
Houston's International Quilt Festival - Oct. 15-18 2009
Santa Clara's Pacific International Quilt Festival - Oct. 15-18 2009

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