Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Madras & Camouflage, A Strange Combo...

It is like Christmas at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store, new and exciting bolts of fabric arrive every day. Today we are featuring two collections and both are a tremendous value. The first is our “Madras Patchwork” Collection. This is a really fun assortment of Madras Plaids that has already been pieced together. This collection comes in summer colors and Patriotic, just in time for our nations birthday on the 4th of July.

Imagine the fun and easy projects you can whip up in no time. You may want to consider a light quilt for a summer guest room or your mountain cottage? Easy, just cut to size, attach a backing and transform a space in record time! This collection would also be a good choice for

Summer Skirts, Shorts, Dresses or even a Shirt. You may want to consider using this interesting Madras fabric for some “Summer Funk” pillows on your sofa or chair. A patchwork style Table Cloth, Runners or a few Placemats would be a nice addition to your summer BBQ or Dinner Party.

Go wild, this collection is inexpensive, looks terrific and is being sold at a price that is certainly unbelievable. The Fabric is 44/45 wide, 100% Cotton and is being sold for only 6.99 per yard. At this price it will not last long!
To purchase at click on Fabric, Subcategory Madras.

The next collection of Fabric is very interesting and maybe even a bit unexpected. Do you have Boys and Men that love ‘Camouflage” clothing? We have just received a shipment of “Camo” in 4 different styles. US Government: Navy, Air Force Tiger, Marines, and Digital. Think of all of the interesting things you could whip up. Shirts, Shorts and Pants, are a natural.
How about whipping up a “Camo Quilt” ? A few other ideas may be Book-covers, Totes, and maybe even a few Tablecloths for your welcome home “Veteran Party”. The possibilities are as limited as your imagination.

The details: 61/63 wide, 100% Cotton on sale for only 5.99 per yard. To purchase at, click on Fabric, Subcategory Camouflage.

We hope you take a moment to check out these amazing values and dream up some clever projects. It would be terrific if you sent photo’s of your wonderful finished projects. We always love to see what you are doing with all of the Cloth you purchase here at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store.


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