Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy, Creative, Funny and Dear...

One of my favorite things to do is to read all of your notes, stories, thoughts, projects and experiences that you have had recently and over the years at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. These emails are always happy, creative, funny and dear. They are always a joy to read. We receive a lot of “Fan Mail” and I thought it might be fun to share a few of these letters with you today.

Hi Mary Jo,
I have a small house in Upper Central NY state. I've been decorating this house forever...AND using Mary Jo's amazing bridal fabric for years now. Just last year I completed the front living room windows that face the street
Not sure if you can see with this little photo but the living room are the 3 small windows, in that window is the most beautiful fabric I got last summer at your amazing store. Every single room in that house has fabric from Mary Jo's. I wouldn't think of putting anything BUT your fabulous selection of fabric's. I did my kitchen windows last year with the most perfect red/white checked gingham...and I love it.
Although I don't see this house more than once a year for 3 months out of the year, it brings such a happy smile to my face when I open the door and see all my hard work in every room...thanks to Mary Jo!!!!
New York

Dear Mary Jo and friends,
Thank you so much for going online. There is nothing like going to your store and shopping for the project you are doing, but sadly some of are now housebound. I was so happy to know that I can now go online and get a few things that I need. I think you are a wonderful group and I wish you continued success. You really go out of your way to see that we have a great shopping experience. You ladies are the greatest.
Sue in GA

I have had a love affair with Mary Jo's fabrics for years, making all of my daughter's clothes and going to the Dallas store. Now in a wheelchair and with 6 grandchildren 5 of them girls, I would like to make some spring shifts for mother and daughters. I looked at the Lily Pulitzer's clothing and they are made well but I thought I know I could make those. I figured if anyone had some of those beautiful cotton prints, it would be you. Thank you for providing a place to order online and to come in person as well. Thanks for all the beautiful memories of your store.
Paulette Munn

Good morning,
What a wonderful blog. I am on dial-up sew it takes me a long time to get
The most out of it. But extremely worthwhile!!!
I am taking advantage of sleeping with my boss and hitting him up for
a day off to finish some Xmas sewing that has to get in the mail.
Ha ha, he is my husband and at this time of year we are fighting the
weather fishing for lobster off of the coast of Nova Scotia.
I am using the wonderful fat quarters that I received from you to make
a large Xmas wall hanging and it looks just wonderful and it will be
around for years I am sure. Friends that have watched the progress
say they are jealous sew that must mean it is just fine.
The ladies Xmas wreath looks great and I think you should remind people to check it out next summer when the weather in lots of parts of the world is more accommodating.
Take care,
Sew long,

Love your Blog as much as I love your store!
Thank you so much for sharing with us so many interesting ideas and sewing information. I especially like to see the Employee of the Week. It's so very nice to see faces and names of the ladies that we have had serving us for years. They often share tips on sewing or making something creative.
Please do continue to give us tips, suggestions and creative ideas. It is much appreciated. It is much worth the 2-1/2 hr. trip each way to buy at Mary Jo's.

Do you have a story or project to share? Now is the time! Take a moment out of your busy life to share your passion for fabric and the incredible things YOU do with Mary Jo's Cloth. Send an email today.
I thank-you and look forward to hearing from you.
We are listening,
KDB, Editor.


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