Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sew Many Blogs, Sew Little Time...

Blogging and fabric go together like peas and carrots. Yes, blogging is a wonderful way to share your latest projects and passions to an audience that is at times somewhat invisible, but remember you do have fans, so keep writing and posting. It is always a special treat to log onto a blog created by one of Mary Jo's Sewing Community family. Fantastic, really. Many of you have links on your blogs and websites that click directly through to Mary Jo's website and blog (which we really appreciate). I have also found that many folks feature their visits to our "Cloth" store in Gastonia on their blogs. By the way, we do love it when you stop into the store. It is always wonderful to see our customers in person!
This week I was introduced to a blog called "Studio Kat Designs". Kathy Southern has a passion for purses and uses Mary Jo's Cloth to make them. She sells these fantastic creations online and at Art/Craft/Design Shows. Kathy lives in Advance, North Carolina with her husband and two cats. She posts articles on her blog several times a week about various subjects which usually weave back to her passion for fabric purses and other sewing projects. Kathy is a very industrious gal who also has a website featuring her purses and patterns for sale. This is one talented lady. She is very approachable, I loved what she had to say about her business: "All my designs are one-of-a kind and totally original. I specialize in meticulously written instructions with drawings that even a sewing novice could follow. It is my firm belief that your purse should serve YOU, yet also be as unique as you are! The "Bags with Panache" patterns provide you with an opportunity to own a functional bag that is also stylish and one-of-a-kind......... like YOU!"
If you are interested in checking out her work you may want to log onto her blog and/or website. You will not be disappointed.
One of her stories on the blog was about a shopping trip to Mary Jo's, this is what she had to say:
"Black Friday. It seems that's all I've heard the TV talking about for weeks. But I've never really been much of a shopper. I can't imagine getting up at 4 in the morning to shop for anything. I don't even like to drive NEAR the shopping centers on Black Friday or anytime thereafter. But THIS year, when my daughter suggested we go shopping on Black Friday, I jumped at the chance. How could I not? First of all, our destination was Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC, (only the best fabric store in NC). And second, the objective of this trip was to find the PERFECT combination of layette fabric for my grandson (due in April). So all in all, it really was a perfect day. We may have missed all those bargains out at the mall, but I think I got the best deal of all. Because it really doesn't get much better than an all day road trip to my all-time favorite fabric store with my all-time favorite girl!"
Sweet. So happy you love Mary Jo's as much as we do!
The following is a call to all of you fellow sewing enthusiast's and bloggers. Do you have a fabric blog? Would you liked to be a feature on our blog? We are always interested to hear about all of your projects. Remember to send photos. Take a moment and email your link today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Lynnie said...

I too have some projects on my blog that have been lovingly completed with fabrics selected from Mary Jo's!!! I love this store!!