Monday, January 11, 2010

Steppin' Out, Cowhide For Your Home Decor'...

Mary Jo's Cloth Store is not coloring within the lines! What??? We are shakin' it up over here in Gastonia!
Yes, we are now carrying a fine line of Cow Hides from Sante Fe! Imagine all that you could do with them.
This new edition to the Upholstery Department has been flying off of the shelves. Our customers are using them for floor coverings, upholstering chairs, couches, chaises and even throwing on top of their beds, for a wild look! We hear many folks are even using them for simple floor covering solutions. Cowhide rugs are becoming increasingly popular.Interior Design Magazines are now featuring cowhide rugs and many people are attracted by their uniqueness.
Cowhide rugs have a high visual appeal and are somewhat neutral in color.
Yes, this artful cowhide really can be fun. Give it a whirl.

These interesting pieces are approximately 6.5' x 7.0'. (quite large) They are large, sturdy and very good looking. To find them on our website type "Saddlemans" in the top right corner search window on the front page of our website,, this will take you to our "Animal Skins" page. We have many colors and even some printed Zebra, Giraffe and Pony prints.
The prices are $249.98 - $329.98, what a bargain for such a punch of style!

Check out the buzz in the "Design World' about Cow Hides and how they are being used in the home. Absolutely lovely. Have fun.

A young designer in Buffalo NY writes on his blog ....."Yesterday I happened upon the opportunity to own a cowhide rug, in a beautiful fawn cream color about 7'x6'. I've counted my chickens a few too many times before they actually hatched, so for now, I will just say it's an opportunity - as it's not in my home at present. I've always been in love with the look of cowhide, especially the more interesting hides of solid colors and very few blotches. Something about walking all over those California Cheese Cows just isn't as appealing. So, as you can imagine - the idea of having such a beautiful rug got my motor running, and I wanted to see what you all thought about the idea. First, and foremost - I love the durability, function, and sheer beauty of cowhides. I'm not out slaughtering cattle for the chance to own a hide of my choosing, but for something so wonderful, floating out and about in prior owner land, I won't give up an opportunity to have one that was "gently used" This glorious chaise lounge is beautiful as is, but can't you see it in the gorgeous fawn colored cowhide? From afar it might not even look cowhide, but once you get close enough to touch it the subtle texture of the fine hair would be like heaven. What a great idea for my bedroom?" "There is something very luxurious about cowhide rugs. Many countries are famous for their cowhide rugs such as Brazil, Argentina, and France. American cowhide rugs are quickly growing in popularity as well. Whether you choose a black and white splotch or a light brindle shade, you can be sure it will invigorate your room. Brown and white cloud pattern cowhides are also available. The salt and pepper pattern is also very popular, and that is usually a background of white with a spattering of black, sort of like a painting by Jackson Pollock. Black and white salt and pepper cowhides as well as brown and white are very intrinsic to the traditional southwestern decor. The most popular design in natural cowhide is the cloud pattern, and that would be the black and white cloud pattern cowhide. This is a classic contrast between black and white with basically even quantities of these two contrasting colors spread throughout the hide in a cloud pattern."

We at Mary Jo's Cloth Store agree, these amazing pieces can make a whole room sing!

Send us photos of your projects. We would love to feature your handmade Quilts, Clothes, Dolls, Purses, re-upholstered Furniture, Tablecloths, Drapes and whatever else you are creating with Mary Jo's Fabric. Send an email today.


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