Friday, March 19, 2010

Quilting in the Hawaiin Style...

There are so many different styles of quilting. With warm weather well on its way it is the perfect time to feature the Hawaiian Quilting Style. This is a very graphic take on traditional quilting, using mostly solids and batik fabrics. The "Quilt Hawaiian" site had some great info about Quilting and the history of Hawaiian Quilting. These are some of their top tips.

"What makes it a Hawaiian quilt?
Quilting was first introduced to Hawaii in the early 1800's by the wives of American missionaries. The art form was quickly adapted by the Hawaiian women who have since created their own quilting style, inspired by their heritage and their fondness of nature...
Even with all the stages and innovations that Hawaiian quilts have been through, the elegant simplicity in the repetition of the silhouette design commands a place of distinction in the world of quilting. Over time, new techniques, tools, fabrics and design elements were applied to the basic format of the appliqué style in Hawaiian quilts.

The Hawaiian quilt is a living art. A description of Hawaiian quilting can never be the ultimate authority on the subject, because in the writing of it, the limitations are automatically set within the snapshot of time in which it is written.

Lines have become blurred between the classic Hawaiian appliqué and more contemporary Hawaiian quilt designs with the use of techniques from other traditional American quilting styles. This may lead some to be concerned that the "traditional appliqué Hawaiian quilt" and its accompanying distinction, will be lost in the abyss of 21st century innovations.

The above quilt was created by Martha Marques...

But even with the introduction of many choices of colored threads, use of non-solid colored fabrics, machine appliqué and quilting, use of fabric piecing additions and many other innovations, Hawaiian quilting is still recognized as it's own category. There is no mistaking a Hawaiian quilt. When a quilt strays too far from the classic appliqué style that we have come to love, it then becomes a "quilt that was made in Hawaii" or a quilt made of Aloha fabrics, and not a recognizable " Hawaiian quilt". Where that line is drawn, is not to be delegated to a body of authorities, but to the viewer and admirer of the distinctive style.

At Quilt Hawaiian they use these guides for the recognition of a Hawaiian quilt:
1) the design is primarily appliqué work
2) the design is a circular repetition of 4 or 8
3) the design uses one or two fabrics (there are exceptions)
The website has a great amount of info and patterns available for sale. Log on to learn more about this unique style of quilting, it could be fun.

If you happen to be in Portland, Maine in the next few months stop by "The Salt Exchange" there is a wonderful and amazing show of "Hawaiian Style" quilts. This show features the artist Martha Marques, she is a passionate Quilting Artist. Her work will inspire you to create large, colorful and meaningful quilts in the Hawaiian tradition.
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Hey everyone, please send us your stories and projects, we are here and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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