Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Shop At Mary Jo's Cloth Store?

We know you have a choice. Back in 1949 Mary Jo had a vision, simply put, it was to create a Cloth Store that had great selection, quality, service and most importantly the best prices anywhere. Mary Jo still oversees much of the buying and she remains adamant about keeping the prices low and the quality high.
We hear stories almost everyday about "The Other Stores". Just yesterday a woman was working with the gal who heads up the Upholstery and Drapery department. She was over the moon happy that the fabric she had seen at another store was here at Mary Jo's. But the story gets better, the same fabric was 18.95 elsewhere and only 8.95 here! WOW. Oh yes and we had enough for her to do her Drapery Project! She was also able to pick up some companion fabric that she will use to recover a few chairs. So all in all our Customer is happy and we were so pleased to have been able to help her to find exactly what she was looking for! A happy ending indeed.
Online you will not find a more comprehensive choice of fabrics offered at prices that are irresistibly affordable. We are always searching for only the best to offer to our customers. Did you know we now carry a line of "Green" fabrics? The idea behind Green fabric is to have less impact on the environment when the fabric is being manufactured. Green is a choice that starts with you. The more folks buy, the higher the demand and the more choices of colors and patterns will be available. Green seems a new trend however trends turn into demand. So the more you buy the more the manufactures will create and the more choices you have. It is the beautiful circle of evolution. Check out our Green selection. You will not be disappointed.

Sew, we thank you for being our customer and letting us help you to find the right fabric at the right price.
Drop an email and share your bargain moment, project or Mary Jo's story. We always look forward to hearing for you.


Emom said...

I have never found a better selection of fabric anywhere, and prices cannot be beat...Love to browse just to be inspired....smiles.

Kat said...

I used to make regular trips from Raleigh down to Gastonia every few months to spend hundreds of dollars stocking up at Mary Jo's. I've since moved to Los Angeles and of course there are all the stores in the Fashion District that (supposedly) have cheap, cheap fabric...but none of them are as cheap or have as good of a selection as Mary Jo's! I am SO thankful that you guys do online ordering; I can continue to get affordable fabric and pass those savings on to my own customers. Thank you thank you thank you!