Friday, June 18, 2010

Luck, Love and Money...

Love, luck and money. These three things help to make the world go round! At Mary Jo's Cloth Store we are lucky to have all of you as our customers. We love that you shop with us online, on the phone and in person. Lastly we absolutely cannot imagine not saving you money each time you shop with us. So today as Spring turns into Summer we have put many of our fabrics "On Sale". New remnants are in bins at the store and some great new picks are on the "Special Edition" (Sale) page of our website. Log on to the web or stop into the store. We have 32,000 square feet of fabric & notions, enjoy your many hours of looking, dreaming and purchasing in air-conditioned comfort!

The other day we received a wonderful note from a gal in Concord, NC. She had used our fabrics for a project that was not only fun but a great community effort.

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of our Christmas Spectacular 2009 at Crossroads Church,Concord. As the costume designer and maker, I bought tons of felt at Mary Jo's in many different colors to make my take-off on the poodle skirt, which I call the reindeer skirt. You can see from the pictures that I placed an appliqued reindeer instead of a poodle on the skirts to keep with our Christmas theme. I wore out two different employees of your store on the day I came in to buy the fabric, haha. They really earned their paycheck that day. The pictures don't show all of them. I think there were about 20 in all. That was 20 different colors! Anyway, I just want to thank your ladies for having a lot of patience with me that day and show you the results. Thanks, Suzanne Hege

Great job Suzanne we thank-you so much for sharing your story and shopping at Mary Jo's. We are wondering, wow, what will you be creating for this years "Christmas Spectacular"?

We love to hear the stories of your projects. Please take a moment and send your project our way. You could be the next featured story. Thanks in advance and try to stay cool during these hot summer days!

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One very talented lady! smiles.