Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sex & The City, Morroccan Style & You...

Have you noticed the buzz, hubub and cultural effect of popular movies today? Take the new smash hit “Sex & The City”. Ladies all over the country are dressing up in their Diva inspired outfits and having a “Girl’s Nite Out” in theaters across the country and the world! Gals have gone wild for the “Styles” that Carrie Bradshaw and her friends in this movie are wearing. Morocco was the scene of some of the most fantastic, brightly colored outfits that have hit the big screen in years. The colors are rich and saturated and the patterns, with sprinklings of metallic reflect the exotic local of where this movie mostly takes place.
The costume designer, Patricia Fields has always done an interesting interpretation and has been responsible for creating the look of each woman featured in this long running series of stories about four single ladies in New York. The clothes add a dimension to the personality that goes beyond the spoken word. Can you imagine Carrie Bradshaw without her signature tutu? The newest set of costumes is a treasure trove of inspiration to fill in your own Summer Wardrobe.

Question? Where do you find such extravagant fabrics to create such imaginative ensembles? Mary Jo’s of course! Did you know Costume Designers from around the country come to Mary Jo’s to find much of the fabric for their productions? Are you a the Costume Designer for the Opera, Ballet, Theater and Movies, is the place for you, we have fabric for all of your “special needs”. It is always super fun for us at the store to hear about these projects when the Designers are choosing their fabrics. We have a wide selection of sheer fabrics that are shot with gold, and silver threads. Did you know Mary Jo's is also a destination spot for the Indian Dress called a Sari. For this simple dress, approximately 6 yards of shimmery, slightly sheer, flowing colors and patterned material is used. Why not try a Sari for some summer fun?
To find the perfect fabric, log onto our website and cruise around in the Bridal & Formal Fashion section, tons of choices are available. You could also pop by the store, for some real fun.
If you are looking for the hot styles of fabric used in the current hit, Sex and the City Part 2, we would be glad to help you find all of those rich, bright, patterned and glittery fabric you could ever want. You will look fabulous, darling. Now go and have some fun.
One more thing, if you have a moment, send a photo of your newest project, we would love to see your inspired creation.

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